Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Before Five in a Row: Prayer for a Child {Thanksgiving}

This was a simple, but sweet row!  We didn't get to everything, but still enjoyed our time with the book.

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Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field is a bedtime prayer for little ones.  We did a little before Thanksgiving, and a little afterwards, tying the prayer into blessings and thankfulness.

First we made Prayer Hands (trace hands, fold in half and inside you can write things/people they are thankful for or to pray for) and talked about prayer.

Prayer for a Child
Obviously we did this after some painting and crafting one day.  

We also did some "fun" Thanksgiving tie-ins.  She wasn't interested in dot-painting with the q-tip...she used it more like a paintbrush...but she painted some turkeys and glued some feathers on.  She loves to paint right now, so this was a large portion of her afternoon.

We did several turkeys at her request, and the boys did their own thing for art.

She wasn't through crafting though, and begged for more.  I found this Melissa and Doug Wooden Heart Mirror Kit that was stashed away, and she had a blast with it!  

The next week, we talked about more things that we are thankful for and completed the "I Am Thankful Page" from Homeschool Share's Prayer for a Child Lapbook.

She loves to cut and paste, so this was fun for her.

I printed this Roll 'n' Write Game from Prekinders, thinking we might use it at co-op before Thanksgiving, but that meeting was cancelled, so it was just sitting on my desk.  She found it and begged to try it, and she LOVED it!  I don't force (or even ask) her to write, but she's in that stage where she's learned to write her name and is trying to write everything now.

We have these foam stars that she wanted to play with, and she decided she wanted to use more glitter paint from her craft kit.  So we looked at the illustration where the little girl is talking about going to sleep and looking out the window at the stars, and how we're thankful for the sun, moon and stars.  We also sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star a couple of times while she glittered up her star.

We talked about children near and far, and looked at children from around the world in the new Children Just Like Me book.  Then we sang Jesus Loves the Little Children!

I rowed this one basically on a whim, because I happened upon it on the library's Caldecott shelf, so it was short and "bare minimum," but it's also more than enough for a not-quite 4 year old.  However, I'll probably buy the book eventually.  I do plan to row these books again when Eleanor is older and Eloise begins to join in more (they'll be turning 3 and 5 next school year) and it will be fun to explore the rest of the themes that we didn't get to this time.

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  1. The simple sweet rows are always the best. ♥ I love how you tied this in with Thanksgiving. :)

    1. Yes, I'm enjoying the simplicity of Before Five in a Row!