Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winter Bucket List 2016

This week's 52 List writing prompt is to share our Winter Bucket List.  So here's all the "I would love to . . . " items for this winter, but we'll see if I actually accomplish them all!

Play in the Snow - snow angels, snowball fights, snowmen, sledding . . .

Birthdays - We have two winter birthdays in our immediate family ~ both girls ~ and I'm excited about the birthday plans we have for them this year.

Winter Treats/Foods - Hot chocolate with marshmallows, homemade snow ice cream, but also comfort foods and soups and stews that warm you all the way through!

Family Nights - Since it's harder to get out and do fun things in the winter because of the cold weather and shorter daylight hours, and because bundling four kids for winter weather and getting in and out of boosters/carseats is no fun . . . we tend to do more Friday Movie Nights and Game Nights.  I'm looking forward to making some fun treats and making new memories.

Nothing Day - I think the busyness of the holiday/birthday season makes me long for one.  That means taking a Saturday and doing nothing.  No major chores, no household projects, no running errands or shopping, no making plans, no serious cooking.  Instead, it's a day to just slow down and relax . . . we wear comfy clothes, do the bare minimum cooking/cleaning, and just sit around and watch tv, read and play with the kids without feeling rushed to get something done or be somewhere.  Call it a Lazy Saturday, a Relaxation Day, or Whatever you Want, but I always feel so much better after we have one of these days!

Read - Speaking of lounging around and reading.  I have an ever-growing pile of to-read books, and I really want to curl up under some warm blankets and just read, read and read some more.

Winter Nature Study - I'd like to take a winter nature walk, make bird feeders, and do some "experiments" or fun activities with snow and ice

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  1. Once upon a time, I was a good list host that visited every single link up--- and then life got a bit too busy...please forgive my lack of visits.

    Great list and love the winter nature walk!

    May you and your family a blessed winter :)