Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Peek into Our Homeschool: February 2017

I can't believe the month is already over!  I guess it's not too hard to believe, considering I didn't post my January wrap-up until well into February, and February is a short month anyway.  This is going to be a short post, because we've got a lot going on with preparing to go back to the farm, but I still wanted to look back over what we did.

I am back with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, so don't be shocked when some reviews start popping up.  Long story short, I believe God has a reason for everything!

Math is math.

Language Arts - I'm trying out Writing Strands with Elliott.  I saw a local homeschooler post about it, looked into it, was intrigued, and ordered it.  (I like the idea of teaching spelling/grammar through writing.)  We've started it, but I think I ordered the wrong level, as it's too easy.  I need to order up for him, but at least I can try this one with the younger kiddos.

Since Emory's about finished with his comprehensive language arts, I'll probably have him do some inexpensive workbooks or work on ESA for awhile until I decide what program I want to use.  I'm so undecided.

Everything Else -  We rowed Paul Revere's Ride (post coming soon) and combined with The Revolutionary War portion of Beautiful Feet Books.

It was a lot of fun, but I was excited to move on to the row of Warm as Wool!  (More detailed post of this row coming soon too.)  I scheduled this one after Paul Revere's Ride/American Revolution, because the book takes place in Ohio in the early 1800's.  Since we were going to a history museum that focused on this general time period and the early settlers of the state, and one of the classes was a Conestoga wagon class (and one of the FIAR lessons was on covered wagons), it just seemed to fit well overall.  It also helped us cover a big gap in in BFB, but I'll discuss that more eventually.

Our classes were:
Archeology - We learned about anthropology and archaeology; examining arrowheads, artifacts and replicas.
Conestoga Wagon - learned the difference between the Conestoga and the standard covered wagon/prairie schooner, what went into the wagon, and what it was like to make the journey (walking, jobs the kids their age would have, food they'd eat, etc.)
Wildlife - Learned about how local wildlife changed throughout the years, extinction and then protection and reintroduction of species, examined furs and skulls of local animals, and made animal prints

After our classes we had a picnic lunch outdoors with friends.  Then we went back in for a self-guided tour.  We were able to look around a little, but Eloise was exhausted so we cut out early.  Hopefully we can get back soon to just enjoy the exhibits.

We've been enjoying the unusually warm weather too!

There's nothing like throwing on the play clothes and hitting the park!

One last thing . . . the giveaway for Word Up! is still open!  Be sure to read my review and enter for a chance to win your own!

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  1. so what is the difference between a conestoga wagon and a prairie schooner?

  2. What a fun looking pile of books!

  3. Lots of fun learning! Love all the pictures - thanks for linking up!

  4. Conestoga wagons are much larger and heavier and curved on the ends, "like a smile" and were used for moving from east coast over mountains. The curved shape kept items in when going up and down steep terrain. Prairie schooners were the smaller, boxed shaped wagons that were used in the westward migration--they were lighter and wouldn't get stuck in dirt/mud trails. I didn't know this until our class. :)