Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beautiful Feet Books: Lewis and Clark

As we finished up the American Revolution/Colonial studies with Beautiful Feet Books Early American History Primary, it then moved into a short study of Lewis and Clark.  It looks as if BFB cover this time period in more depth with some of their other studies aimed at older students, but to add to this time period we rowed Warm as Wool to give us a glimpse at the earliest pioneers moving from the northeast.  It went with a field trip, so we rowed it first.

Genevieve Foster

The study uses just a portion of this book, about three chapters.  We completed it in one week.  The lessons cover the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis and Clark's journey, and a later chapter covers The White House and The Star Spangled Banner.  The boys found the reading interesting enough.  I think they actually liked the last chapter the best.  I added a YouTube video of The Star Spangled Banner after we read about it, so we could listen and discuss.

There was only one simple notebooking assignment.  They didn't feel like coloring--it was the first week back after two weeks off

Sacagawea by Lise Erdrich 
illustrated by Julie Buffalohead

I chose this specific book about Sacagawea because I saw it on Birchbark Books when I was looking for authentic Native American books to add throughout the year.  I figured that would be a good place to start for "recommendations" and I saw this book and knew it would fit well with this portion of the study.

We really enjoyed this book.  The beginning talked about the different spellings and pronunciation of her name.  The story itself gave us a little bit more insight into what her young life would have been like, as well as more information about the journey with the Corps of Discovery.  The Afterward gives us three theories on what happened to Sacagawea.  Most historians believe she died young, while two oral traditions from Native tribes have her living to a more elderly age.  Emory really liked pondering the different scenarios, but of course he preferred to believe she lived a long life.

This is a beautifully written and illustrated living book and I am so glad I added it.  It compliments this study very well!

Next up ~ I'll be combining the Abraham Lincoln unit with Who Owns the Sun? and They Were Strong and Good from FIAR for a look at slavery and the Civil War.  

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