Monday, April 3, 2017

A Peek at our Homeschool: March 2017

The past several weeks have been a blur.  So much going on, so little time to write about it.  The first two weeks of March flew by . . . we chose to have a quick turnaround on the return home, so it was a flurry of packing and unpacking, to say the least.  Then our first week back was the week that never ended.  Let's just hit the major stuff, shall we?  A clogged pipe led to flooding, which led to soggy (yet to be unpacked) boxes.  Three major appliances died back to back to back.  The toddler found a sharpie, and my brand new refrigerator.  You can't make this stuff up! (Luckily I found the magic combination to remove the sharpie--rubbing alcohol and magic eraser!)

I think our household is almost back to normal though.  Well, I can't decide how I want to organize my bookshelves right now, but that's a little bit of a personal problem more than a house imploding problem.  I can live with that.

Math is math, as usual.  One kids moves through without complaint, and one does well despite the grumbling.  Language arts is progressing along well.  Elliott is reviewing Easy Grammar 5 so we've been focusing on that for him.

We did a brief study of Lewis and Clark with Beautiful Feet Books.  It was short, and I would have added more to it, but it was our first week back, so I kept it simple.  Simple can be refreshing for me sometimes, though, and it was still effective.

We're still working on a review of ArtAchieve (first sneak peak) I'm enjoying it along with the boys!

Sometimes after doing art lessons, the boys go off and do their own thing for art.  Elliott has never been much for coloring, but sometimes he will find a drawing book or some tutorials and draw a few pictures.  (Papa Smurf from Art For Kids Hub.)

Last week we rowed Who Owns the Sun? to go along with BFB's Abraham Lincoln study.  So we're getting back into a routine.  To start off April, we're continuing with Abraham Lincoln and also rowing They Were Strong and Good (because of the Civil War tie-in) so you'll see both those rows being shared soon!

I also got a book order in!  You know that feeling you get, when you open a new box of books?  *happy sigh*  We already owned A New Coat for Anna, but my paperback copy had seen better days and this one was so inexpensive that I just added it to the order.  All of the other books are also part of FIAR, either because they are in a one of the volumes from Before to Beyond (or online as a digital unit), or they are excellent go-along books.

Of course, there's the whole playing on the swing set, digging for rocks, climbing trees, taking walks on the farm and in the woods, chasing bubbles, splashing in puddles . . . we are loving the spring weather!

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  1. Oh my goodness - clogged pipes, failing appliances, and a toddler with a sharpie! o.O Glad you made it through all that and are getting your household settled down to normal again. Also glad you linked up and shared your week on Homeschool Highlights!