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Captain Absolutely

I'm always looking for interesting, but appropriate, books for my boys, so I was pleased when we were able to review a book published by Focus on the Family called Captain Absolutely.  Written in comic book style, it is a spinoff from an Adventures in Odyssey series that was originally featured in Clubhouse Magazine.  It sounded promising on many levels.

Captain Absolutely

The basis of the story is that Josiah King is at the library during a computer explosion, and between reading the Bible for the first time and mysterious radioactive fumes, he transforms into superhero Captain Absolutely.  He must save Metropolitanville from Dr. Relative and other villains.  Dr. Relative was at the library during the explosion too, only he wasn't affected by the Bible.  He landed in the philosophy section and came into contact with relative truth and the idea that everyone makes their own rules.  His mission is to destroy God's word and Metropolitanville.  The book takes us through several episodes of Captain Absolutely dealing with Dr. Relative, Fear Chemist, Farmer Vile and other villains, as they create multiple version of a Lirus, fear-us clouds, vile ants, and other things in an attempt to ruin the city.  Captain Absolutely, however, is able to use God's truth and wisdom.

As a comic, the dialogue is fast paced.  The illustrations are full of bold colors, action and the classic onomatopoeia!  Whenever Captain Absolutely mentions or quotes a Bible passage, the reference is written in the illustration outside the speech bubble.  I like that this is included for the reader if they want to explore it further, but also just to show that each of these statements are more than just comments by the "superhero," but are also Truth.

At the end of the book, there is a Character Guide with fun facts about Captain Absolutely, his sidekick Hana, and the other characters in the book.  Finally, there is a section called Big Questions.  These questions are obviously meant to get the reader thinking about how we treat others, how we share the truth, how we deal with sin and asking for forgiveness.  Kids can read them on their own, but parents or trusted adults may want to use the questions as discussion starters.

This book definitely has kid-appeal.  My boys (seven and ten) were intrigued as soon as they saw the cover!  I think the target age range would be mid-elementary through middle school, though I fully believe the book is certainly appropriate for all ages.  The graphic novel style will make it appealing to any child who is interested in comic strips, comic books and graphic novels, even if they don't love to read.  Ask me how I know!

If you are looking for clean entertainment for your children, Focus on the Family offers the Odyssey Adventure Club, which allows you to stream Adventures in Odyssey episodes, and includes a subscription to Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine (U.S. residents), a monthly web quest, and other members-only content.

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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}

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