Friday, May 19, 2017

Freebie: History by the Decade Coloring Books

I have a fun FREEBIE to share today!  Bonnie Rose from Write Bonnie Rose has created  History by the Decade Coloring Books.  These were too neat not to share!

Each coloring book includes pictures and copywork, and gives a basic overview of major events in American history and events around the world that impacted the United States.

I wanted to share these because they are a fun addition to modern history studies, especially if you have younger children participating who can't do full notebooking exercises.  I'm not usually a freebie blog, and I try to only share things that I will use or I think would be beneficial to others.  I've been going through noting which pages will line up with our studies for next year, and have found some great stuff!  The kids will get a kick out of the technology pages (everything from the phonograph to Wii and Playstation!) but I love that she touches on a little bit of everything--musicians, artists, presidents, sports figures, fashion and trends and iconic images for each decade.  The coloring books cover the 1920's - 2000's, with nine books total.

These are a limited time freebie, but definitely worth checking out!  I've worked with Bonnie Rose a few times over the last few years, and I know she has some great things on her website, so be sure to look around while you're there!

I received advance copies of these freebies.  I have not received any other compensation for this post.  

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