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Homeschool Rescue {review}

Homeschool Rescue Review

I imagine that most homeschooling parents have felt it at some time.  Homeschool Burnout.  It often comes with a side of inadequacy, doubt, or guilt.  We get into a routine that sometimes becomes drudgery, we suddenly become panicked or overwhelmed, our schedule is too full, we worry about curriculum choices, or we get confused about which direction to take.  I know I can't be the only one who has questioned one of the biggest decisions I've ever made, because Heather from Only Passionate Curiosity has developed a course for homeschooling parents in the throes of these mixed feelings.  Homeschool Rescue is an online course designed to help you breathe new life into your homeschool.

This review came at a good time for me, because I plan to spend the summer revamping our homeschool and work towards a new routine that meets the needs of our new family dynamic better.  When I started homeschooling, I had two kids.  I now have four kids, all at varying stages of needing my one-on-one attention, with the youngest truly being one of those "wild child" toddlers I've heard about that needs constant supervision.

Homeschool Rescue is a video-based eCourse that currently has five modules.  These modules will walk you through recovering your homeschool by first recognizing your homeschool's purpose, vision and mission.  You really spend some time reflecting on what is working and what isn't--not just with curriculum, but also with yourself.  There's really a need for self-reflection, and recognizing areas of potential growth, which is an important part of the process to make the most of future modules.  In the later modules, Heather provides more practical advise for time management, organization, curriculum and lesson plans, and motivating students.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

Each module has 3-5 lessons, and every lesson provides encouragement, advice, resources and even "assignments" to help you revitalize your homeschool.  You can also download the audio or transcript of the lesson, as well as note pages.  Printables designed by Only Passionate Curiosity are pretty, though the boarders are a little colorful if you're a conservative printer.  However, I love having a printable that guides me through each homework assignment, because it keeps my notes cleaner and clearer than if I was just scribbling on scratch paper.

The course was updated (modules 4-5 were added) after I started the course, so instead of a 6 week plan, there is now a 60 day schedule.  It is in calendar format with assignments spread through Monday through Friday.  Some activities are placed under the Weekend Project column so that the family can be involved and work together.  The calendar is just a suggestion though, and if you're working through the course, you are 100% encouraged to work at a pace that is manageable for you.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue Review

Heather is very encouraging, but from the very beginning, she insists that if you believe you are feeling depressed or anxious, to put the course aside and reach out for help, because you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of your homeschool.  She later stresses that if your student has any learning challenges or other issues that need addressed, to take care of those needs before worrying about the course.  She is genuinely concerned with making sure homeschool families are healthy and happy.

As I was working through the course, I found that Heather encourages flexibility.  When I got to the lesson about Curriculum Pacing Guides, I was completely overwhelmed.  I am not a planner, and even when I do plan, I don't generally execute the plan very well because we change the plan.  Then I found the fine print: (Really Hate Planning? Click here.)  She reassured me that my method of planning, even though vastly different from hers, is good if it is working, and there is no reason I cannot continue doing it.  I felt immediate relief!  This course is designed to help you create a peaceful and productive homeschool environment, but she doesn't insist that her way is the only way.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue Review

Even when I felt that her method wasn't necessarily "right" for me, it inspired me to look for the right way to do things for my family.  While her specific Pacing Guide suggestion isn't going to work for my personality and our family's rhythm, it sparked ideas for changing up my current method to be a little more streamlined.  Other ideas were almost "aha" moments, that if I actually implement fully going forward, will save me time and frustration, make things run more smoothly, and make things more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Things to Know
Due to the unique nature of the course, the course is sold in sessions.  Sales for the current session will close in June, and the next "live class" will run from June-July.  This allows for more personalized use of the members-only Facebook support group and personalized support via email.
This is a life-time access course, so you will always be able to go back and work through sessions again or redo areas that need tweaked as your situation changes.  Additional bonus materials include various planners and a student accountability packet, so there are plenty of goodies to find within your membership!

Final Thoughts
This course offers just the right amount of friendly encouragement, without sounding unrealistic or too optimistically bubbly and over the top.  Heather knows we are real parents with real struggles, and she's not afraid to address them.  Or rather, she encourages us to tackle them head on . . . while also giving ourselves grace.  Although the course is designed for homeschoolers who have been going awhile and are feeling burnout, I can see it being useful for new homeschoolers as well.  I say this because I know there are new homeschoolers out there that are overwhelmed with just getting started or those who want to throw in the towel all too soon if the first year didn't go as planned.  There are homeschoolers that do not have the support of family and friends and need to find encouragement and advice somewhere else.  If that's you, then yes, I think you can benefit from this course.

Only Passionate Curiosity Homeschool Rescue

You can find more information about Homeschool Rescue online or through reading the other crew reviews!

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