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5th Grade Curriculum 2017-2018

I'm not sure how I feel about having a fifth grader!  I know that we're reaching more of a transitional phase, and it is kind of intimidating to be at the end of his elementary journey and beginning another, but also exciting!  This year I want to work on building good work habits and also working more independently, before he moves into middle school.

This is what I have tentatively planned for his individual work.  Once we return from vacation and start "full force" he will have a spiral notebook that will have his daily assignments written in them.  Anything he can do independently, he will be expected to start and work through while I do preschool with the girls, and I'll transition to one-on-one with the boys.

We have a love-hate relationship with math.  Conceptually, he is good at math, but he has not particularly cared for any math program we've tried.

Math on the Level
An interesting and unique approach, and I'm hoping the flexility, freedom and fresh approach to math will change his outlook.  

Your Business Math
He's actually asked about this a few times since I first mentioned it, so I'm thinking we'll give it a go.  It will make a great "day after co-op" math, since it's hard to get back into a routine.  I think it compliments the idea of practical, real-life math that Math on the Level encourages, and if I notice any skills that need reinforced, I can transfer those to MOTL lessons.

My plan is to make a small notebook of logic work (I'll just pull from the various sources unless I find one book I really like) and work on them once a week.

Language Arts
This looks like a lot of stuff, but other than daily reading, everything is on a loop schedule of sorts, so we'll certainly not be doing everything daily.

Spelling Wisdom
This will be our first year diving into dictation.  Implementation is definitely quick and easy for the most part, so I'm excited to see the results.

Easy Grammar
We have this from a review, and the lessons are fairly short and direct, which I appreciate.  I don't plan on doing intense grammar, but maybe spreading this over two years while we also focus on composition, which allows for the practical application of grammar.

I'm going to have him go back and do some cursive review/practice.  Curriculum undecided.

I put this under language arts because most typing practice will be related to Spelling Wisdom or his AWANA verses.

We will begin adding in more written narrations, probably in geography and/or history, since he will have a science notebook and occasional literature assignments.

I have a tentative 5th Grade Homeschool Reading List.  We will primarily be using narration for assessment, but there will be an occasional study guide or other activity.  In addition to his independent reading, he also listens to family read-alouds and I a read a more advanced book to just the boys as well.

Family Studies: History, Geography and Science
I think the only change to this may be geography - I will likely postpone the lovely geography program I picked out to work through the one we received for review.

Fine Arts & Enrichments
Enrichment Studies
All of the art, music, Shakespeare, and other "extra" stuff that we're loving so far!

He doesn't have anything "extra" planned outside of the home this year, just our regular activities that we do as a family.  We'll see if that changes.

AWANA: T&T 5th Grade

Co-Op:  Basketball, Gym, Art, Science

Okay, well I think that's all!  It really does seem like a long list, but the only thing we do daily is math and literature.  All other subjects/curriculum are on some type of rotation, because loop scheduling is amazing!

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