Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Peek into our Homeschool: August 2017

This month has been a slow but steady transition back into our regular schedule.  Since we have a trip planned early in the school year, I decided the first few weeks would be getting into a routine, reviewing and establishing some new subjects before we jump in with full core curriculum.

I decided to just start with reviewing facts with Xtra Math, and we'll jump into curriculum in September.

We were delaying the start of both history and geography until after our vacation, but then we had the opportunity to review Let's Go Geography, so we've been checking this out!  I'll have the review coming in a few weeks, but we've been studying Asia and I like what I'm seeing so far.  It is a different approach and focus than what I had initially planned for geography, but it's very easy to implement.  I think we might keep this one on the schedule for this year, tweaking a little (it is K-4) and defer my original pick (3rd-7th) another year since the grade levels work better this way.  Elliott has been getting weekly written narration in with this too, so that has been helpful.

We haven't started History of Science yet, which means our science has been kind of casual and relaxed.  Nature study, some books here and there, some NASA videos and eclipse viewing!  We had about 90% coverage, and it got kind of grayish and you could feel it get a little cool, like we had cloud coverage, but that was about it.  Maybe next time we'll travel to totality!

Language Arts
Emory is working in Lightning Literature Grade 3 - he did Rickshaw Girl (I read this aloud for family literature) and one of the poetry weeks as we've skipped around a tad.

Elliott has started Spelling Wisdom from Simply Charlotte Mason.  I've pulled some basic grammar exercises from it as well.  It's actually going pretty well so far, but I'm anxious to see how it works over the long haul.

They both have independent reading as well.  Elliott received a 4th-6th grade study guide for Charlotte's Web, so he's worked on that.  Emory has been doing some longer readers, the transitional kind with "chapters" that are more story oriented (rather than twaddly readers), before diving into full chapter books when we start full steam ahead in Sept.

I'm also trying to transition back towards a Charlotte Mason approach a little more, particularly with narrations and enrichments.  So now we have term composer and artists, and monthly hymns and folk songs!

Poetry & Recitation 
For family poetry, I'm reading A.A. Milne.  We're also using IEW's Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization, but we had previously slacked big time after we first reviewed it (as in - we never did it) and so we basically started from scratch this month.  They've done great though, and even Eleanor is starting to memorize them just from listening to the boys.

Composer - Term 1 - Mozart
Last year the boys took a music appreciation class at co-op and did some composer studies, and since then Emory has been asking to learn more about Mozart.  I really think he just liked the name "Wolfgang" but I jumped on it as our first study this year!

Picture Study - Term 1 - Monet
I got this Picture Study Portfolio from SCM to review through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and we're already enjoying it so much!  I was planning to buy Monet and two others from them anyway, so I cannot wait to order the next two terms!!

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Folk Song - August - I've Been Working on the Railroad
I decided to choose a fairly familiar folk song, since this is our first time doing folk songs.  I ask them to listen/sing once a week, and then I usually play it in the background a few extra times throughout the week.  I'm pretty sure this is my 4 year old's favorite part of the week! {I'll probably follow the AO rotation after this.}

Hymn - August - Victory in Jesus
I have the same process with the Hymn - we listen/sing together at least once, and I play a couple times in the background during the week.  I kind of chose this randomly for August, but we'll be following the AO rotation for Hymns for the rest of the year.

Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night's Dream
I started with this one for a couple reasons.  I am fairly familiar with it, and because it is recommended to start with in How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare.  So we've started with that and we've read the summarized version of A Midsummer Night's Dream from Tales from Shakespeare.  We'll work on reading/watching the play after our trip.

Art Instruction
We have been doing Art Class from See the Light with a couple of cultural lessons from ArtAchieve that tie into Let's Go Geography.

Chinese Dragon from ArtAchieve {my review}

Eleanor has been doing several pages a week in Essential Math Kindergarten and loves it!  From Before Five in a Row, she has rowed Goodnight Moon and My Blue Boat this month, and Eloise joins in occasionally.  I'll be sharing more of the preschool stuff soon!

Birthday Month!
August is also Emory's Birthday month, so he had "birthday cupcakes" in Sunday School (I just adore his teacher!) and one day mawmaw and pawpaw took him to Toys R Us to pick out his own gift and then out for lunch.  On his actual birthday he picked dinner, and he chose Buffalo Wild Wings.  Then we had a small family party that weekend, complete with a water balloon fight!

We have been very blessed to be the parents of this generous and loving, quirky and free-spirited, sensitive, friendly, free-spirited boy.

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  1. You're doing so many wonderful things in your homeschool! Those Monet picture cards are beautiful. Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!