Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Peek into our Homeschool: Summer 2017

Even though the summer is not officially over, our "summer break" for school is winding down.  We've had a very low-key, casual summer, but that's not unusual.  We've almost always stayed close to home in the hot summer months.  When we travel, we typically do it in the offseason (one of the best benefits of homeschooling!) so I can't say we had anything super exciting going on this summer.

Here are some things we have enjoyed:

  • plenty of outdoor time and nature study
  • Vacation Bible School
  • learning how to use our new microscope
  • fireworks and firecrackers
  • later bedtimes and more stories
  • popsicles, smoothies, homemade ice cream and other summer treats
  • fresh fruits and veggies from the garden and yummy recipes
  • visits from the neighbor's pigeon (we live rural and they're actually not common around here, so this was a shock to the kids, LOL!)
  • water ballon fights

These moments . . . the laughing hysterically as I push them on the swings, or the pouty face when she got sprinkled with the water house, walking to the grandparent's farm for popsicles, baking together, finding a turtle after a summer storm.  These are the things they talk about, the memories I love making.

As to the homeschooling side, since we never really "stop" learning - we worked through our Summer School, slow and steady, just to give us something structured to do occasionally.  Some math review and (mostly) daily reading, with some reviews.  Here are the reviews completed in June and July.
USA Activity Bundle
Wonders of the World
Lightning Lit Grade 3
Marsh Media
Trust Fund (a movie I reviewed, not the kids)
Math On the Level {coming soon}

While they had their relaxed summer, just enjoying simple summer fun, I've been planning our fall trip, as well as planning "back to school" for the 2017-2018 year.  So many fun things to come!

Family Studies Part 1
5th Grade Homeschool Reading List
more posts to come soon!

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  1. It looks like you have had a great summer. I love the ideas of keeping it simple during summer. We are still on our summer schedule and I love the doing spur of the moment things with the kids and surprising them with different things we haven't done. The quality of time of memories is the best. Loved the pouty face too!!