Saturday, August 19, 2017

Family Studies: The Enrichment Studies

In the past, I have not been the best at doing Enrichment Studies.  Well, some things I did regularly, some were hit and miss, and some I have never even attempted.  I felt like we were missing out on so many chances to imprint beautiful images and words onto our hearts and minds, so much of the broad feast that a Charlotte Mason education offers.  So this year, as I'm really trying to swing back towards a Charlotte Mason approach, I just decided to dive in head first!

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I'm working really hard at doing short lessons and really mixing up subjects, and having these enrichment subjects has already helped break up the heavier core subjects.  All of this is on a loop schedule, and some of the quicker activities are being done over snack or lunch while I have their attention, so we're not even extending our day much by adding them.  However, this means since everyone is present, I'm trying to choose a variety to appeal to wider ages (2, 4, 8, 10) and interests.  I do try to squeeze the more hands-on, involved activities during the toddler's nap when I can!

First Term is already underway, but the rest of the year is still subject to change.  I'll expand more on the individual subjects and how this is going for us as we get further into it, but for now, I'm pleasantly surprised with their responses so far!

Ergermeier's Bible Story Book - I read to all kids together
AWANA - Each child is in age-appropriate classes, and I work one-on-one with them reading passages, studying and memorizing verses.
We aren't using a "curriculum" during school time right now, but we have in the past and I'm not opposed to something appropriate.  

Picture Study
Term I:     Monet
Term II:    Leonardo da Vinci (we're studying him in science this year)
Term III:  Rubens

A Midsummer Night's Dream
   Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb
   A Midsummer Night's Dream from Folger Digital Texts
   How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig

Term I:  AA Milne When We Were Very Young and possibly Now We are Six
Term II:  Shel Silverstein  A Light in the Attic or Falling Up
Term III:  undecided - perhaps Rudyard Kipling or Emily Dickinson

Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization
This will help us work on imprinting quality language into our minds, as well as give us broader exposure to poetry.

Folk Songs - Ambleside Online
Hymns - Ambleside Online

The works are already chosen and playlists created!  

Composer Studies
Term 1:  Mozert (Emory's request)
Term 2: Beethoven
Term 3:  Handel

Foreign Language
Husband wants to learn a foreign language together, and picked French, though I still think Spanish is more practical.  This is the only thing I haven't actually worked into our schedule yet.

Art & Handicrafts
Okay, so I haven't fully implemented handicrafts either.  This is going to be kind of a crossover area, but we'll be focusing on drawing, as that will be beneficial for art, nature journaling, book of centuries, etc.  We'll primarily use See the Light Art Class, though we'll occasionally use ArtAchieve (review) or ARTistic Pursuits (reviews: book 1, book 2, and book 3) to correlate some geography or history.  I also have a few ideas for handicrafts during the holidays.

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