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In the Reign of Terror {review}

In the Reign of Terror is another fabulous release from Heirloom Audio Productions.  When the opportunity to review this first came up, I knew I would be approaching it differently.  Usually I pop the CD in and we dive straight in.  This time, however, I was in the midst of planning a World History course, and decided only I would be listening to the story and utilizing the guide at first, so I could study it myself and work it into my lesson plans.  Let me tell you, I love listening to my kids enjoy a good story, but it's quite a different experience listening to something for the first time without the exclamations of excited kids - almost peaceful to just listen quietly and take it all in.

Heirloom Audio Productions - In the Reign of Terror review

The Story
This audio adventure is an adaption of In the Reign of Terror by G.A. Henty.  It centers around 16 year old Harry, who is visiting France to teach English to a Marquis and his family, and to be a good influence on the Marquis's sons.  In turn, he is hopeful the experience will benefit him when he joins the military.  As Harry spends more time with the St. Caux family, he becomes like family and learns French well.  However, it is set during the French Revolution, a tumultuous time of social and political upheaval, which the English visitor could not escape.  Similarly to Henty's other historical fiction adventure novels, we see a boy on the brink of becoming a man, thrown into turmoil and danger.  He struggles with his faith as he tries to survive and rescue people he cares about.  I believe part of Henty's appeal is that he features elements that children love - bravery, courage, adventure and hope.

Heirloom Audio Productions then brings Henty's adventurous novels to a new era.  With talented voice actors and dramatic music and sound effects, we can listen to these audio dramas from the comforts of our own home (or maybe our cars) and feel like we are in the midst of the action!

Live the Adventure Club
Heirloom Audio Productions used to offer a variety of buying options, giving you access to different bonus features.  You can still purchase just the CDs from their website, but they now offer another website called Live the Adventure Club, and if you order through the club, you will receive all of the additional materials.

Read Along Script:  This actually highlights the text as you read!  It's the full script, and it's a great feature for children who love to follow along, or even those who might need to follow along to improve their reading skills.  (I'm not sure I'd recommend for young beginning readers, just because of the French mixed in, though.)
Take the Quiz: A multiple choice quiz where you can immediately see if you got the correct answer. The questions are basic listening comprehension style questions.  Students who are motivated by rewards will probably enjoy the Adventure Badges that can be earned!
Thinking Further - Questions that encourage students to dig a little deeper into the meaning of the material.  (No answer guide, so you will need to be familiar with the story.)
Defining Words - Vocabulary words, and when you hover over the words a text box will appear with the definition.
Bonus Content - Audio content in playlist format, original e-book, official soundtrack, printable cast poster, study guide, inspirational verse poster, desktop wallpaper, and an official script download.

Additionally - Your club membership includes a multitude of treasures that are not specific to the Henty audio adventures, and this includes parenting and teaching articles, devotions, grammar and history textbooks from the 1700-1800's, Kids Activities, and an Old Time Radio Vault of wholesome, public domain content.  That's a lot of fun goodies!

Currently, you can get a three month trial and the newest audio adventure, Captain Bailey's Heir, for only $1!  That's a great deal for for the 2-CD set and to try out everything have to offer online!

The Study Guide
If you are familiar with the original study guides, much of that online content is the same type of content, just in a different format. The original PDF study guides are still accessible, and are the same beautiful study guides as before. Along with the Listening Well, Thinking Further and Defining Words, you'll find many other familiar aspects. There are the biographies of notable people (G.A. Henty, Maximilien Robespierre and Marie Antoinette) and Expand Your Learning boxes periodically throughout the study guide, which are full of recipes or interesting historical facts about France. There's a list of additional reading, which would be especially useful for older students studying this time period. The Bible Studies include "When God Means Evil for Good," "Resistance to Tyranny," and "True Manliness." Finally, there is historical information for the Reign of Terror and a comparison of The French Revolution and the American War for Independence. While the PDF has more content, it's nice to have the core content available in multiple formats, depending on your device of choice and preferences.

Final Thoughts
In the Reign of Terror is a riveting story, and is a great choice for those studying the history of France, or specifically the French Revolution, but it is also relevant to discussions of faith, courage and virtue.  Due to the nature of the events covered, I felt some of the scenes my upset sensitive children, so you should certainly preview and use your judgement with younger family members.

Heirloom Audio Productions brings history and entertainment together for their amazing productions, and I think they are a particularly fun supplement to history studies!  We have reviewed all of the previous releases and have loved them all!
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