Thursday, September 7, 2017

3rd Grade Curriculum 2017-2018

This will be my second time going through the 3rd grade, so I'm getting more comfortable with it overall.  Emory is a little young for his grade, but very bright and inquisitive, and holds his own.  He is my "let's just get it done" kid.  He rarely complains about any subject, and just does his work so he can move on.  He doesn't seem to hate any subject, but he definitely favors natural history.

When it comes to math, he doesn't love it or hate it.  He just gets it done. 

We used this last year and he did fine, so I don't see the point in changing.

Math on the Level 
This will be supplemental for him, but I love having it available as a resource.

I'll likely make a small notebook of various logic worksheets (unless I find an appropriate book I like)  and assign once a week.

Language Arts
He's not a huge fan of writing, but he truly does most of the work without complaint.

Oral Narration
Foundational to a Charlotte Mason education; precursor to written composition

Lightening Literature Grade 3
This is a literature-based language arts program.  We focus primarily on the literature and grammar.  We may or may not finish this year, but I don't mind finishing it at the beginning of next year, then beginning dictation.

Channie's Easy Peasy Cursive
We just received this as a review.  I think it will work for letter formation and practice.

I will be choosing one copywork passage each week to continue working on print and seeing beautiful passages.

Independent Reading
When it comes to reading, he's pretty open-minded and usually reads when I hand him without complaint.  I don't have a specific list written up for him yet, and I'm just assigning books as we go.

Family Studies: Science, History and Geography 
Some of our core/family subjects that we have planned for group studies, though I do think there will be some changes with geography.  We'll probably postpone the one I bought for a year to do the one we're reviewing.

Fine Arts & Enrichments
Enrichment Studies

This is all of the art, music, Shakespeare, poetry and other "extra" subjects that I'm fully incorporating this year!

He doesn't currently have any extras outside of our regular family activities, but we're always open to trying new things!

AWANA: T&T 3rd Grade

Co-Op: Basketball, Spanish, Literature, Science

It seems lengthy, but really only a few subjects are done daily.  Much of this is done on a rotation and loop schedule, so it won't be as overwhelming as it looks.

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