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Let the Little Children Come {review}

Every fall, there is the discussion of if, or how, Christians should participate in Halloween.  I know that is a personal decision every family must make, and I know that some families choose to pass out candy or halloween tracts from their home or at church through special events.  Many churches in our area do fall festivals or trunk-or-treat as a safe alternative for children.  For the families that want to participate in a positive way, you may find that Let the Little Children Come has created a fun and helpful tool for distributing seasonally festive themed tracts!  Is There Anything Better than Candy? Box-Tract are pumpkin shaped halloween tracts.  The giver simply puts a special treat inside, folds into a pumpkin, and passes out the tract!

The pumpkin box-tracts came in a package of 20 and were unassembled.  They are on individual thick paper pages.  The pumpkins are "petal" shaped until assembled, and they are perforated for easy removal.  The outside is all orange and has the words Is There Anything Better than Candy? in yellow.  The instructions are pictorial and easy enough to understand.  They were very easy to assemble.  The petals have a small slit, so you fold up the petal and slip it over the pumpkin stem.  Children of about 5 years old or so should be able to do it on their own.  The pumpkins are small, approximately 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide when assembled, and fit into the palm of your hand.

You can tuck a small treat inside as you're assembling the pumpkin.  I would suggest the individual size candies that you would normally find at this time of year (bubble gum, packets of candy corn or skittles, etc.) or non-food treats such as stickers or seasonal erasers.

On the other side of the pumpkin, however, is where you will find the real treat.  When the pumpkin is assembled the message is hidden of course, but once children open the pumpkin, the message is slowly revealed!  Each of the six petals has information about salvation.  I do think scripture references should have been included as well, but the text is written to children so it's easy to understand.

Let the Little Children Come Halloween Tract

These are a great way to plant the seed, and there are so many ways these cute pumpkins can be used.  Some things we're considering as autumn approaches is to have the older kids pass them out in Sunday School or their small-group AWANA classes.  They would also be fun for Junior Church - do a lesson around the message and let them assemble the pumpkins for craft time.  You could walk the children through the steps, allowing them time to ask questions or speak with an adult, and then encourage them to pass them out friends or family.  If you don't have many trick-or-treaters and want to give out something special, these would be ideal!

To find out more about Let the Little Children Come, check them out on Facebook and be sure to read the rest of the crew reviews!

Let the Little Children Come

Is There Anything Better Than Candy?  {Let The Little Children Come Reviews}
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