Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Peek into our Homeschool: September 2017

Well, we're a more than a week into October, so I should probably get September's summary posted before another month flies by!

September was a busy month, both in our homeschool and out.

We first went on vacation to Atlanta!  We stayed with my grandmother, so that meant a lot of our downtime was spent outdoors just playing and informal and impromptu nature study - like when my grandma told a story about a black snake, and my brother-in-law went for a walk and came back with a (freshly killed) copperhead.  It came from right where the girls and I had been walking that morning!

There was also plenty of playtime with cousins, shooting a bow and arrow, and playing in the rain!

My grandmother has had this puzzle for as long as I can remember, and all of my kids have loved it.  This is Eleanor's first time playing with it, and she figured it out right away!  (There's a few pieces I still struggle to remember!)

While most of our time was spent visiting with my family, we also wanted to do a few field trips while we were there.  This year we went to the Georgia Aquarium and Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

In our Homeschool
After vacation, we jumped back in full force, adding in the rest of our subjects.  We are doing a review of CTC Math and both boys have asked to switch to it.  We'll see how long that enthusiasm lasts, but I'll take it for now!  We're also still working out some kinks with a few subjects (history/science/geography) and our daily routine, but I'll share more in October once we have, hopefully, figured it all out.

Everything else is going well though.  We finished up our read aloud of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and they watched the newer movie on Netflix for movie night.

Our Hymn this month was "Marching to Zion" and our Folk Song was "The Outlandish Knight."  I was unfamiliar with the folk song and we listened through without me first reading the lyrics.  Let's just say, it surprised us, but it was definitely memorable!

Outside the Home
Aside from our vacation, we also started back to AWANA!  We have one in Puggles, one in Cubbies, and two in T&T 3rd and 5th.   Husband and I are leading T&T 4th grade.

Co-op started back too!  I'm teaching an elementary literature class, and it will be loosely FIAR-ish in style, with the focus on language arts.  Eloise is in the toddler room.  Eleanor (4's) has Before Five in a Row and Gym.  Elliott has Gym, Art and Science, and Emory has Art, Literature and Science.  They love it so far!

We had a family cookout and hayride, and a church cookout and hayride.  We also went to the nearby Fall Fest.  Elliott did the bull riding, they made stress balls with sand in a balloon, we bought a few little things (I got some cute earrings made by a local homeschool mom - also the boys' art teacher!) and they got to shoot a fire hose with the fire department.

Of course I went to the library book sale.  Not a ton of great stuff this year, or I missed it, but I picked up a few titles for homeschooling or free reads.  I either recognized the title or author of all of these, or the series in the case of Who Was Monet?  For the price, I didn't mind getting the ones I wasn't specifically familiar with, so I can skim them and determine if they're keepers or not.  Elliott also went with me and he picked out a big snake book for Emory too, which he devoured.

Busy month with the vacation trip and starting back up with extra activities, but it's been a good month!  We're almost back into a routine with homeschooling, and once we get that ironed out, I think the rest of the year should go fairly smoothly.

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