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Safety Scissors & Pencil Grips (review)

I've talked quite a bit about The Pencil Grip, Inc., and their art supplies, but today I am reviewing something completely different!  We were recently given the opportunity to try out two other products.  The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit are both training tools for children.

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The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors are designed for children 3 years old and up, but are specifically designed with an additional protective element that I have never seen before.  Most toddler safety scissors are dull or have the raised plastic sides, making clean cuts nearly impossible.  These scissors have the spring for children with limited strength or coordination, or those just learning to use scissors who need more controlled movements.  However, what makes these scissors unique, is that they have regular "big kid" blades, but these blades have a plastic safety shield that encases them.  You slide the paper into the small opening, and use them as you would regular scissors.

The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors

My 4 year old found these a little cumbersome to use and asked for regular scissors.  I used them to help her finish her project one day, and found that while they do cut well, they don't "turn" smoothly, due to the plastic case.  It does take a little extra effort, which can frustrate a child who already has decent scissor skills.

I can see how these scissors could be highly beneficial for children who might have motor control issues, or those who lack impulse control.  The plastic case eliminates accidental cuts, because fingers can't get between the blades.   I can see them cutting down (pun intended!) on other scissor accidents from curious kids - it would be too difficult to cut clothes or hair without very careful and intentional work to feed the item through the case.  It won't completely deter a determined toddler, but it might slow them down!

The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit includes three grips in different styles for different stages.

The Crossover Grip is for training, and is best used with adult supervision, for gentle reminders.  It has a "superhero cape" that provides more structure.  The Pinch Grip is the transition grip, and it has the partial wings for continued structure, but allowing some freedom.  The final stage is the Pencil Grip.  This kit is great for children who are just learning to write, or those that have fine motor issues and need more guidance in pencil/pen grip.  The grips can help with proper finger positioning and for the child who perhaps holds too tightly or presses too hard.  The grips literally forces a correct pencil grip to aid in various ways, as I tried them out myself and had to readjust the way I was writing.  I found the regular Pencil Grip to be the best fit, but it wasn't easy to get used to.  My kids don't have significant writing issues, and don't do well with transitions, so although they thought the grips were neat, I found them coming off the pencils regularly.  It's hard to break old habits, but I think younger kids shouldn't have this issue.  The kit comes in assorted colors, and the grips are available individually for purchase.

Ultra Safe Safety Scissors & Pencil Grip Training Kit {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}
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