Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Peek into our Homeschool: November 2017

The kids have been playing a lot of board games for the past month or so.  I think because the weather is starting to turn and we aren't outside as much; I'm still intentionally reducing screen time, so they're looking for things to keep them busy.

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They seem to rotate through a couple favorites at a time, but I seem to recall that Clue, Monopoly Ultimate Banking, Battleship, Uno, Slamwich and Monopoly Deal were all being played through November.  We do get preschool games out for Eleanor, but the boys are also good about letting her be on their "team" when they play, and they let her roll dice, move pieces or pay the money for rent.  For the last several years, we have made sure to include a game for birthdays and Christmas, and a card game in each stocking (or some type of game-like "activity" for the toddler years) so with four kids and three winter birthdays, we'll have plenty of new goodies coming in to keep us busy during the colder months.

Core Subjects with Ambleside Online
We finished up Week 7 with AO at the end of November.  It has taken some work to get into a rhythm, but we're starting to figure things out.  I think the hardest part for me is is trying to balance the schedule evenly over 4 days.  The biggest challenge for the boys is increased workload, especially the Y4 - taking on more of his own reading load.  When we were schooling almost every subject together, I did the bulk of the reading aloud; now much of that has shifted to him.  He has really risen to the challenge!

Emory's thriving in almost every subject.  He is loving the animal science and wishes there was more.  He's not a huge fan of geography - but of course Elliott says that is one of his favorite subjects now.  They all love to watch any videos I scrounge up to go with their science.

Eleanor (Y0) mostly plays with Eloise during school, though sometimes she will ask for math or an educational app.  She loves to paint, draw, and color, and will often sit with Emory during his science so she can color an animal picture with him.  She frequently blurts out "You haven't asked me for my narration!" and wants me to write it on her paper too.  Sometimes she will ask me for one of her school books (a picture book) so she can narrate it.  I'm letting her take the lead, but I imagine she's going to be my eager beaver when it comes to school.

We're listening to Beethoven for our composer, and studying Leonardo da Vinci for our artist.  We started the rest of our music with Amazing Grace (Hymn) and An Acre of Land (Folk Song) but the last week of the month we switched to the songs they're singing in junior church for the Christmas program.  We're also reading Shel Silverstein for our poet.  He's about as nonsensical as A.A. Milne, but a bit more appealing to my boys - probably because of their age.

Nature Study
Our nature study is not always consistent.  I'm not good about saying "We're studying XYZ this week/month..." and then following through or documenting it in nature journals.  However, we always manage to study the wing of a bee that we find in the house, animals on the farm, and tree stumps and the bugs around the tree.  We jump in leaves and we play with shadows while reciting My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson.  It might not be consistent, but it is fun!


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  1. Enjoyed seeing some of what you all have been working on. I remember my boys really liked Shel Silverstein back in their younger years. :-) Thanks for sharing on Homeschool Highlights!

  2. I find we are playing so many more games these past few weeks too! We've played Yahtzee, scategories, monopoly, clue, beat the parents and a handful of other too that I just can't think of right now. I think boredom and those early dark days inspire us to be more creative in filling our time.

  3. Sounds like you are having an excellent school year. Well done! :)

  4. I really appreciate the intentionality in your schedule and learning plans. I need to find a way to do better about composers, artists, and authors/poets. We love all these and get them in bits and spurts but I love that you have it planned. And board games - we love them, too. - Lori

    1. I really did have to be intentional about including these types of "extras" and MAKE myself do it regularly, until it became habit. I'm so glad I did though, because I've seen a lot of positive come from it!