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Homeschool families are always looking for that elusive perfect curriculum.  It may be nearly impossible to find perfect, but what if I told you there was a website that offered you hundreds of courses for all grade levels, and one flat rate would get you access for an entire family - no matter how many children or how many courses you need? review
This post contains affiliate links. is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum website, and I'm happy to review the Yearly Membership so that you can get a glimpse of everything they have to offer!  SchoolhouseTeachers offers courses in all subjects for all grades, supplemental materials, parent resources and much more.  It can be used to enrich your homeschool, or it can effectively be an all-in-one stop for the entire family.

SchoolhouseTeachers can be used for so many different purposes and in so many ways, so there are different ways to navigate the website.  For brand new members, there is a New Members Hub that gives you information about what you will find and how to find it.  The two main ways I like to navigate are to Browse by Grade or Browse by Subject.  Browsing by Grade has the advantage of narrowing down courses that are targeted at a specific age range.  Browsing by Subject allows me to look for topical or interest based courses that supplement our homeschool. review

The vast number of courses offered is astounding.  I couldn't begin to list them all, but suffice it to say, you can find something for everyone in your family, from the preschooler to the high schooler, and everyone in between.  Plus you, the parent, will find courses and resources.

We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, and primarily rely on living books, and yet I can still find quite a bit of amazing materials to use in our homeschool.  In fact, there is an entire section called the Charlotte Mason Learning Center, that lists all of the courses that include a Charlotte Mason component/method.  While not every course is directly influenced by the philosophy, the ones on the list are the most compatible.  It would obviously be up to the parent to decide what works best in their homeschool, but I've found a few courses that work well for us!

Each term we do picture study by studying several works of a famous artist.  To accompany our picture study, I can easily pull from a couple of the different art courses once or twice a term, just to enhance our learning and bring it to life!  The All About Artists unit study is for 1st-3rd grade, and gives a brief biography on a few different artists, along with pictures of some of their famous works.  I think it's a great course for jumping into your first few picture studies, because the author has chosen prominent artists that are interesting to children, but it is simple and effectively executed.

Elementary Art:  Twelve Great Artists is an elementary level course, that offers a brief overview of the artist, a project inspired by the artist (Leonardo da Vinci's project focuses on inventions), and some suggested books you might consider getting from the library.  Although my children enjoy traditional picture study for what it is, they also enjoy the occasional art project, so having some simple biographies to introduce the artist at the beginning of the term, and a project to end with, are a great way to add a little something special to our days.  I appreciate having it all collected into one document and readily accessible.  {This course actually has another section as well, called Advent Art, which is 10 lessons of scripture and projects/crafts, though we didn't use it this year.}

Here's the thing, though.  In addition to all of the great courses, there are other amazing features.  Many of the courses use video content from streaming providers like, Drive Thru History, RightNow Media, and more.  Some videos require a separate login, but access is free through  The other phenomenal feature is the access to World Book.  Some courses are created around this content, while we also have access to ten different World Book Libraries!  This is an excellent resource to have available for research or general browsing, because yes, I have a kid that just likes to sit and read encyclopedia type fact books.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as I can't possible discuss the rest of the courses we want to try, like the animal science courses that interest my 8 year old animal lover, the Guitar course for my 11 year old, or the different music courses I want to do as a family.  There is even a Charlotte Mason course for parents!  Other resources available to parents are the Schoolhouse Planners, Applecore (record keeping and transcripts), printable course certificates, and Molly Green the magazine. really does have a little bit of everything.  The website is comprehensive and offers a variety of courses and resources to meet the needs of almost everyone.  They also have a variety of subscription options to best meet your needs, but whatever you choose, it is for all students; you do not pay extra for more children!  Right now, they are also offering a special New Years sale, where you can receive a significant discount.

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