Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Peek into Our Homeschool: January 2018

Here I am, late again, posting our monthly wrap-up.  This is why I can't do a weekly one.  Oh well, I still want to get these memories down!  January is typically another busy month for us with birthdays and getting back into a routine with extracurriculars and our homeschool after the holiday break.

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In Our Homeschool 

Can I just say, I'm shocked, but pleasantly surprised with how well the kids have adjusted to the transition in curriculum and our new, somewhat "heavier" schedule.  I've found that we're doing so much more, but it's so much richer and we're getting more done in less time.  So Term 1 is finished, and we've moved into Term 2 (AO Years 2 and 4) and we'll be making a few adjustments and tweaks now that I know what works and what isn't the best fit.  I'll probably share a more detailed post about that though, because I could ramble quite a bit about books.

I'm also thrilled at how their attitudes have changed.  There is almost no procrastination or complaining anymore!  There are still some minor wrinkles to iron out, but I am overall very happy with the direction of things now!

CTCMath is still going very well, and I'm so glad we tried it out again!  This is another area where there is almost no complaining or whining anymore.  In fact, Elliott (who does well in math, but doesn't yet see he that could really excel in this area if he applied himself) used to put math off until the very end of the day, but now it's usually one of the first subjects he chooses.

Family Reads
Pinocchio, our lunchtime read, is FINALLY finished!  I will never, ever read this book aloud again.  We're continuing to read Shel Silverstein for poetry for a couple more weeks, and all four kids enjoy it.  It's silly and wild enough that even the 3 and 5 year old beg for me to read it every day!

Elliott finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe after taking a break over Christmas.  He's read a few short stories since then, but has requested something "science-y" for a free read, so I'm adjusting his free reads and giving him some non-fiction for awhile.  He's been reading about the moon/space and earthquakes.

Emory read James Herriot's Treasury for Children (a Year 1 science book) because he is all about the animals.  His new mission is to read all of the animal books on the list, so he read from an animal encyclopedia while we waited on Mr. Popper's Penguins (a Y2 free read) to arrive via Amazon Prime.   Of course, I found my copy on the bookshelf a week later.


Folk Song - Funiculi Funicula  This is a fun catchy tune!  We used the English version, but I did make a point to listen to the original Italian, and the Veggie Tales parody.

Hymn - Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

Picture/Composer Study - We're still studying Leonardo da Vinci and Ludwig van Beethoven for a few more weeks.

Extracurriculars - AWANA started back up, but then we had a couple of weather cancellations.  Co-op is back in session too, and it's nice to get back into routine.

Also in our Life
As I mentioned, January is a busy birthday month for us.  The girls turned 3 and 5 this year!  We had some movie nights, and they had a special birthday lunch with their grandparents, and then we had a small family party.  It was a pony party with unicorn cupcakes.

January also ushers in real winter where we live.  We get four seasons, but as far as winter goes, it can be all over the place.  We've had one solid snow that was worth the effort of snow gear, and it was really the first year that Eloise has really enjoyed playing in the snow!

Day 1 - still snowing

Day 2 - Warmer, sunnier and so much fun!

Then there's Buddy.  He is very strong-willed and stubborn, but very smart.  The kids are enjoying training him!

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