Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Peek into our Homeschool - February 2018

I know February is short a few days, but it seems like I just wrote my January wrap-up!  We had some sickness this month, but we still made a lot of progress.

For Valentine's Day!  My husband knows the way to my heart!  The full six-volume set of The Home Education Series by Charlotte Mason!

Speaking of Hearts - the kids had a fun little Valentine's Day Party at co-op.  We ordered pizza, brought snacks to share, exchanged Valentine's Day cards and hung out with friends.

For our snack, we made heart-shaped, dipped rice krispee treats.

Also chocolate covered pretzels with fun sprinkles.  Eloise loved these things.

As far as the homeschooling thing.  We are now halfway through our AO schedule, so that was a fun milestone for me!  I'm enjoying the curriculum so much that I have already started purchasing books for next year.

The last couple of weeks, I've really made it a point to focus on nature study and nature journals.  Last week we studied Evergreen Trees with Exploring Nature with Children.  I think it's time to get Eleanor (5) her own nature journal!  This is what she did after seeing the boys do their journals.

I also changed out Elliott's science book Madame How and Lady Why and replaced it with Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth: A First Book about Geology.  He and I both had reasons for wanting to to change out the book, but I won't go into detail - I'll probably write up a mid-year update for his Y4 in the next week or so.

There haven't really been any other big changes, but The Schoolhouse Review Crew is really getting underway right now for me, so we're adding in things here and there.  Most of our current review items are supplemental/enrichment activities.  Here's a peek if you're interested!

One other thing that is a "core" subject that we're reviewing is Language Lessons for Children Primer One from Cottage Press.  This is a lovely little language arts program for 2nd-3rd graders with a strong Charlotte Mason influence.  We're both really liking it so far.  (This is actually a review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine website, but I'll try to get it over here on the blog when possible.  It's a nice program.)

Of course, I did just publish my Starfall review.  Eleanor has loved this app and has been learning with it for the last several weeks.

Other Stuff
Otherwise known as, more things I might want to remember.

Picture Study Artist - We finished Leonardo da Vinci and started Peter Paul Rubens!

Shakespeare - Emory is just loving Shakespeare!  We finished The Tempest and will likely read Romeo and Juliet next.

Hymn - I'll Fly Away

Patriotic Song - The Star Spangled Banner
I decided to also add a patriotic song every now and then too, and just chose this one simply because of discussing it around the Olympics this month.

Folk Song - Camptown Races
This was actually supposed to be March's song, but the boys begged to go ahead and do this one, so I agreed to switch.

Composer - We finished up Beethoven, and at the same time, we received Music Appreciation from Memoria Press to review.  So we're just using this for now in place of Composer, and it's a fun change of pace!

Art - We've been finishing up ArtAchieve, because I realized we have a few lessons left and our subscription expires soon.  This is Elliott's Owl from Bali.

A great month, and March is off to a great start already too!

Homeschool Coffee Break

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