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Magic Stix {review}

As a parent and homeschooler, I am always looking for quality art supplies to add to our art cabinet.  Recently we were given the opportunity to review Magic Stix Washable Markers from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  This company makes our beloved paint sticks, so I was pretty confident we would like these new markers.

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All of my kids have used these markers, but my newly turned 5 year old is the most artsy of the group, so naturally I find her getting the most use out of them.  She has used them regularly for various coloring and drawing projects over the last several weeks.  Her brothers gave her one of their activity books, and it's full of pictures to color, trace and finish.  This gives her something quiet and "bookish" to do at the table while the big kids are doing school.  This book has thicker paper (somewhere between copy paper and cardstock) and it showed through on the back.  When I tested on regular paper, some colors did bleed through to the next page.  So I would suggest they are best for one-sided projects.

The markers are medium-tipped, so she can get most of the picture colored in broad strokes, but still have good control and precision in smaller spaces.

She is also learning how to read, so sometimes I print a random little activity page that corresponds to what she is learning.  It certainly livens up a lesson when she can add her favorite colors and do a little art.  As you can see, purple is her favorite color and gets a lot of use, but it is still going strong!

Another way we've used the markers is for structured art projects.  The big kids have an art program they're working through, and one project, titled "The Plate from Nepal," suggested the use of markers for the younger age ranges.  The boys did the full project, while Eleanor did the bird drawing.  The markers held up well on the paper plates and the colors didn't bleed or run when the plates accidentally got wet.

Essentially, we have found that these markers worked for all of the average coloring and drawing activities we have completed.

However, these markers come with several claims.  First, they are non-toxic and odorless.  I'm very sensitive to odors, so I don't tolerate chemical-laden cleaning supplies, scented candles, most colognes/perfumes, art supplies . . . you get the point.  I can say that I noticed no smells!  Sure, if you purposely sniff the marker there is a faint odor, but nothing obnoxious, or that you can smell with normal use.

Another claims is that they are washable.  After the purple horses shown above, we had several hand washings and a bath, and she still had purple marks on her hands.  The few stray marks on the table have washed off easily though!  I haven't seen any stray marks on clothing or other surfaces to test this any further, but I'm inclined to think clothing might need stain removal treatment to come out successfully.

The biggest claim is that they are guaranteed not to dry out for 7 days with their cap off!  This is a big deal, if you live in a household with small children who cannot cap a marker properly.  My toddler has a tendency to let caps roll away and forget about them.  The kids did test out this claim, and although I couldn't find their graph to share, the Magic Stix marker held its color vividly the entire week, while the other brand they tested against started to dry out by Day 3.

The 24-pack of markers includes a nice range of colors.  We have found it to be enough colors for my amateur artists.  The colors are bright and vivid, and color smoothly.  I also love the plastic case for storage.  It clips shut, and there is an insert that allows you to snap the markers in place.  You can find exactly which color you're looking for with this case, without dumping an entire box everywhere, and clumsy little fingers aren't cramming the markers back into a thin opening.  I can't say the case will last forever, but it is certainly more durable than the average cardboard box!

These are are quality markers, and I will likely keep our art cabinet stocked with them going forward.  The Pencil Grip, Inc. also makes our beloved Kwik Stix and Kwik Stix Thin Stix, which are tempera paint sticks that have become one of our all-time favorite art supplies.  If I were making an "art basket" for a child, I wouldn't hesitate to include products from this company, and I'm eager to see if they develop any more art supplies in the future!  For now, you can check out more reviews of the Magic Stix Washable Markers to see what other families think!

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