Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Star Wars Day: Shakespeare Meets Star Wars

I'm sure you can imagine that, as Star Wars fans, my kids are looking forward to May 4th.  They have already declared Star Wars Day a holiday in our homeschool!

William Shakespeare's Star Wars
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We will be finished with co-op by then, so they are moving their off day to May 4th and making everything about Star Wars.  We'll be listening to John Williams' Greatest Hits, primarily the Star Wars tracks (free with Amazon Prime) for a fun modern composer study, and they want to find a fun craft or activity to do, before a Star Wars marathon.

I am surprising them with this William Shakespeare's Star Wars book though.  One of my kids loves reading Shakespeare, and the other looks at me with a pained expressed every time I pull out a Shakespeare book.  We've only been reading some lovely retellings at this point, because I want to warm the kids up to the stories before diving into the language of the full plays.  I have been eyeing these Star Wars books for awhile, and I have been waiting for the right time to introduce them.  Star Wars Day seems like a great way to pull them in!

They're nice little hardcover books, and would make a fun reader's theater type activity.  I am pretty sure we'll start this on Star Wars Day, and then carry it through the rest of the month in our Shakespeare slot.  How fun!

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