Friday, August 3, 2018

A Peek into our Homeschool: Summer 2018 Edition

I skipped the regular monthly wrap-up for June, because we haven't been doing "formal" lessons.  Instead, we have just been enjoying our summer break.  I figured I should do a summer wrap-up though, since we're heading back into a traditional schedule soon.

We've done the typical things, like playing outdoors and going to Vacation Bible School.  Then we've had a few things that, even if not extraordinary, aren't necessarily part of the ordinary.

This is Tux, Emory's new kitten.  He is very friendly, and very tolerant of the kids.  He's learning to tolerate Buddy, and this picture cracks me up because it looks like he's sticking his tongue out.

We're saving our longer vacation for September, when peak season (and the hottest weather) has passed, but we did take a weekend getaway this summer.  We went to Great Wolf Lodge for some water park fun . . .

. . . and to Loveland Castle for a fun history field trip.

We've still gotten a few things to review here and there, including some books!  I received a kid's CD for the girls, a bird book and an art book as well, that aren't pictured.

We also reviewed Bug Bingo.  Such a fun little game for bug enthusiasts, and even those who don't want to get up close and personal with real bugs.  All of these are for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine website.  This is the "master card" for the caller to track what's been called.

This last book is for me, and I'll be reviewing it on the blog for the Homeschool Review Crew, so be sure to keep on eye out for it soon.

Impromptu nature study, while watching a movie one night - Emory found this in the house.  We had never seen one before, but found it's called the arrow-shaped micrathena.  I promptly released it back outdoors!

Oh, and one more thing . . . we got chickens!  Someone told me you can't be a real homeschooler where we live without owning a few chickens.

Just kidding.

Kind of.

We live rural, and it feels like pretty much everyone that doesn't live in town owns chickens, especially in my homeschool circles.

I have actually never owned any farm animals in my entire life, but my husband grew up on a farm and we live next to his parent's farm where they still keep chickens, among other things, so it's not really a foreign concept for us.

The kids have already named them:  Chickoletta, Hen Solo, Princess Lay-a, and Taco

So there it is.  Summer's not over, but our summer break is.  It wasn't anything fancy, just casual and fun and relaxed.  Now, we're preparing to ease back into a traditional schedule.  We have a longer trip planned in September, so I thought about waiting to start until after that, but we also return to start co-op that very next week.  I feel like I'll be too scattered to come off vacation and start school at the same time, but if we start in August, I can try to iron out any wrinkles in our schedule.  It'll also help break up the first term if we have a week off in there.  So it won't be long, and I'll be posting about curriculum choices and schedules and my sweet Eleanor starting Kindergarten and all that fun stuff!

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