Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Wilds

Recently we had the opportunity to visit The Wilds again; this time as a field trip with our co-op.  We did one of their educational tours with behind-the-scenes activities, and with it being a nearly a 3 hour drive one way, it was an all day thing - but it was fun!  

We started with the hellbenders, or the "hellabenders" as my three year old called them.  They talked to our group about the animal's habits, and their conservation efforts, then let the kids have a Q&A session.  

We didn't get a good look at the rhinos last time we went, but this time, there was one crossing in front of our bus.  Later we got a "behind the scenes" tour of the rhino's indoor/winter facility.  The guy that led the talk has been with The Wilds for 35 years, I believe is what she said, and he talked about their care and their rhino breeding program.  They have four rhino calves, but they were out in the pasture, and we could only see them from a distance.

Of course, we saw plenty of exotic animals throughout the drive - Sichuan Takin from China.  I couldn't get a decent picture of the little ones back in the brush.

The Przewalsky's Wild Horse is a wild horse that is not known to have ever been tamed/domesticated.

Banteng - wild cows

The Zebras are always a hit with the kids.

There is a mid-size carnivore area that we viewed at lunch.  Because they are carnivores, there is more fencing and it's harder to see the animals.  They have African Painted Dogs, Dholes and Cheetahs.  They said the cheetahs at the zoo are trained to run, but their cheetahs are particularly lazy.

The have different varieties of deer and antelope (I think this one was called common eland) and just like the last tour, the driver gives off facts about all the original habitats, their endangered status, and the conservation efforts of The Wilds.

Before our trip, there was a little video going around Facebook of the baby giraffe born at The Wilds.   You can see it resting here, but we also got to see it running around playing!

Eloise was a little excited about the camels too.  We've been watching their show on Hulu and she gets excited every time she sees the camels!

It was apparently a tiring trip . . .

Favorite Animals
Elliott - Dhole - no particular reason, other than that he liked the name.
Eloise - Giraffes
Eleanor - African Painted Dog, because they take care of the sick and let them eat first.
Emory - All of them!

The driver mentioned that they have a show on National Geographic, which interested Emory.  After some digging, I found that The Columbus Zoo and The Wilds are featured in a series called Secrets of the Zoo, on National Geographic WILD.  The kids have enjoyed watching episodes!

Our previous field trip to The Wilds.

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