Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Snapshots: Piggy Piggy

Looking back for a memorable moment this week was EASY!  We are now the proud owners of this cute little fellow, Arnold Ziffel.  Yes, husband chose the name from the show Green Acres.  If you follow Mom's Heart on social media, you have probably seen this cuteness!

Growing up, I would have never considered myself an outdoorsy/animal person.  I mean, I like dogs and cats well enough, but my husband grew up on a farm and it seems like we're slowly getting back to his roots.  We now have chickens and a pet pig.  I guess it falls under the unique experiences I want my kids to have, and we have more of the time and ability to devote to it since we homeschool.  The kids are asking for ducks, and husband wants other animals too.  I'm not sure if we'll turn towards hobby farming, but for now...

Arnold likes sunbathing, cuddling, shredding paper, and of course, fruit and veggie snacks!

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