Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Forensic Faith for Kids {Book Review}

Most kids love mysteries and detective stories, so when we were offered the chance to review the book from Forensic Faith for Kids from David C Cook and Case Makers Academy, I was intrigued.

Forensic Faith for Kids

Forensic Faith for Kids is written by J. Warner Wallace and Susan Wallace, with Rob Suggs.  A real cold-case detective, J. Warner Wallace used his own experience and expertise to investigate his way from being an atheist to a Christian.  He now writes books for both adults and children on how to investigate the truth.

There are two storylines within the book.  The book starts off with children washing cars at a fundraiser, when a corgi appears.  All they know is that her name is Bailey, but not where she came from or who she belongs to.  The second major plot point starts at a youth group meeting, where friends are discussing another friend from school who showed up, but made it clear he questions whether Jesus is God.  As cadets, the children learn how to investigate for truth.  Warner uses his background to write to children, teaching them how to search for truth, organize evidence, and present a case.

You can read the book straight through and gain a lot from it.  I have read the book aloud to children 5, 9 and 11 and the two older children of course got more out of it.  These ages could also easily read it independently, as it is targeted at 8-12 year olds.  Along with the book, you can also find online supplemental tools.  The Case Makers Academy website offers free videos and printable pages.

Training Activity Sheets include things like Spot the Difference and Word Searches.  They're like fun little warm-ups that have you paying attention to the details in front of you.  Academy Notebook sheets are more like fill-in-the-blanks based on the readings.  The Adult Leader Guide gives notes for reading the adult version of each book and preparing for the lesson with the kids, such as questions to ask.

Warner's books for children include Cold Case Christianity for Kids, God's Crime Scene for Kids and Forensic Faith for Kids, and are designed to help children learn the truth about God and Jesus.  These books are suitable for mid-elemetantary through early middle school (8-12 years) and can be used by families or small groups, even children's church programs.  I could also see them being used in a co-op setting as well.  Each of these books has an adult counterpart, which is suitable for teens.  In this way, groups with a wide age range or families with teens can all study together.  Pre-teens and teenagers often have a lot of questions about their faith, or how to discuss it with their friends, and this book can be a good conversation starter.

To find out more about Forensic Faith for Kids or the other books in the series, you can check out Case Makers Academy website, find them on Facebook or read more crew reviews!

Forensic Faith for Kids {David C Cook  and  Case Makers Academy Reviews}

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