Monday, March 25, 2019

Angus Lost (and some Henry the Castaway)

After rowing a book about cats, Eleanor wanted to row one with dogs.  Since I doubt we'll ever row all the books in FIAR, I've decided to do some combo-rows for the girls' Kindergarten and Preschool.

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Eloise always wants to be part of what Eleanor is doing, so this time I decided to do a pseudo-row with Angus Lost, and throw in a little Henry the Castaway too.  There is a lot of overlap with the books and lessons, as they both include dogs, exploration, adventure and the opportunity to talk about safety and getting lost.

I didn't get a ton of pictures of activities in action, but here is a glimpse at their week . . .

Eleanor colored Luna who is apparently a "friend" to Angus.

Social Studies & Science
Exploring, Curiosity, Safety Survival Skills 

Not all of this was separated into different, distinct lessons.  It just kind of flowed from conversations and play, and I think that is the perfect way to reinforce topics.

We talked about explorers and about the excitement of exploring new places, but also about being safe.  For the safety part, we made sure to review what to do if they were separated from me or daddy (or the adult they are supposed to be with at the time) and how to handle themselves in an emergency.

One day they made their own cave, because Angus hid in a cave.

Dogs-Dog Breeds; Dog Safety, Caring for Dogs as Pets
We are dog owners, so we are definitely familiar with the idea of "breeds" but they weren't extremely familiar with the Scottish Terrier until now.  We read some of Seymour Simon's Dogs, and discussed some safety rules concerning dogs, particularly when they're eating/sleeping and how to approach dogs that aren't ours.

Language Arts
These books presented the opportunity to discuss some popular sayings:
"Curiosity Killed the Cat"
"Home Sweet Home"
"There's No Place Like Home"

But mostly, I just gave Eleanor some little worksheets and pages for her to do when she wanted more "school" than I had planned.  It's quick and easy to google/print.

Eleanor did these; Eloise did a "D is for..." (duck, dog, door, etc.) and some tracing pages.

After reading a related title, Henry Explore the Jungle, Eleanor drew Henry and Laird Angus McAngus exploring the forest!

More Fun 
The girls wore cute #puglove shirts one day; Eloise wore her outfit with a Scottish Terrier another.  They also did a few other activities throughout the week . . .

Draw Write Now Book 1 - Eleanor drew the dog
Angus Lost and Angus and the Ducks on Amazon Prime
Shelby Board Game - We played a few rounds of this game, which is great for a puppy theme!  It's a pretty basic counting game, but the "lose a turn" and "steal a bone" options make it more engaging for older Preschool/Kindergarten.

You can do lots of snack ideas with these books, such as making healthy trail mix or granola bars for your adventures!  However, I went easy and unhealthy . . . Shortbread Chocolate Scottie Dogs!

Final Thoughts
Since the girls are Preschool and Kindergarten, I focused more on the "fun" than the academic in Henry, but there are a lot more topics (geography, rivers, etc.) that could be explored.  There are more  topics in Angus as well, but I wanted to focus primarily on what overlapped and would be new and/or of interest to my girls.  You can see how I rowed Henry the Castaway with the boys a few years ago, who were older (2nd/4th grade) at the time, as part of an American History explorers unit.

Scottish Terrier Coloring Page
D is for Dog
D is for . . . coloring page
Angus Lost Printables from Homeschool Creations
Animal CVC Word Game

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Papa Piccolo

Eleanor asked if we could row "the cat book" next, when she saw the cat story disk, so I obliged.

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I had read Papa Piccolo to the kids once a long time ago, but I never actually rowed Papa Piccolo with the boys, so it was a fun row to plan!  I think we only spent five days on this book, but we did spread it over two weeks . . . because you know, it's Kindergarten.

Social Studies
Geography-Italy, Foreign Language-Italian
We started the week by learning about Italy!  We found it on the map and talked about the boot shape, and we went back through the illustrations and talked about gondolas and canals.  We briefly talked about the Italian words.

She added the heart, because she loves cats!

Of course we talked a little about Italy and placed our story disk on the scrunch map.

Then we talked about Italy and Venice and canals, and she asked if she could draw one of "those boats," so we talked about and made our own Gondola!

Creating a flag was suggested in the manual, but I never suggested it to her.  She asked on "Art Day" if she could make one, so I printed a quick page for her.

On this day, we read from Cats by Seymour Simon, talked about different cats (our farm cat is a Tuxedo cat like Papa Piccolo) and she drew a cat, starting with the instructions in the Draw Write Now book, but eventually doing her own thing with it - including another heart.  The little cat stickers were a cheap amazon purchase, but she liked going through to pick out a sticker for each cat in the book.  She chose the tuxedo cat in the basket, because Papa liked to sleep in a crate.

Use of Color for Light
She'd already added yellow to her windows in her picture, but I did mention it to her when we looked through the illustrations.  "I add yellow to all my windows."  Well, then.

She actually colored the Venetian Canal when we were learning about Italy, but she saw the printout before we read the book, and recognized/remembered it from when I read it aloud ages ago.

Colors, Color Matching, Color Wheel
We talked about the colors in the book.  She's familiar with color mixing, but she liked seeing it on a color wheel and making her own.

Language Arts
Drama and Exercise - Act out the Words
We did the activity of acting out the words one day.  (We've done this in the past with her phonics program, so it's a familiar activity.)

The Fox and the Sour Grapes
We read the Fable and discussed "sour grapes" to compare to the event in the story.  (I googled and printed an image with the story on it - but there are a variety of options to choose from.)

Eleanor relaxing with Tux (our "man cat" as they affectionally call him) when he sneaked in the house one day.

The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown
Cats by Seymour Simon
If You Were Me and Lived in Italy by Carole P. Roman

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