Friday, March 1, 2019

Papa Piccolo

Eleanor asked if we could row "the cat book" next, when she saw the cat story disk, so I obliged.

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I had read Papa Piccolo to the kids once a long time ago, but I never actually rowed Papa Piccolo with the boys, so it was a fun row to plan!  I think we only spent five days on this book, but we did spread it over two weeks . . . because you know, it's Kindergarten.

Social Studies
Geography-Italy, Foreign Language-Italian
We started the week by learning about Italy!  We found it on the map and talked about the boot shape, and we went back through the illustrations and talked about gondolas and canals.  We briefly talked about the Italian words.

She added the heart, because she loves cats!

Of course we talked a little about Italy and placed our story disk on the scrunch map.

Then we talked about Italy and Venice and canals, and she asked if she could draw one of "those boats," so we talked about and made our own Gondola!

Creating a flag was suggested in the manual, but I never suggested it to her.  She asked on "Art Day" if she could make one, so I printed a quick page for her.

On this day, we read from Cats by Seymour Simon, talked about different cats (our farm cat is a Tuxedo cat like Papa Piccolo) and she drew a cat, starting with the instructions in the Draw Write Now book, but eventually doing her own thing with it - including another heart.  The little cat stickers were a cheap amazon purchase, but she liked going through to pick out a sticker for each cat in the book.  She chose the tuxedo cat in the basket, because Papa liked to sleep in a crate.

Use of Color for Light
She'd already added yellow to her windows in her picture, but I did mention it to her when we looked through the illustrations.  "I add yellow to all my windows."  Well, then.

She actually colored the Venetian Canal when we were learning about Italy, but she saw the printout before we read the book, and recognized/remembered it from when I read it aloud ages ago.

Colors, Color Matching, Color Wheel
We talked about the colors in the book.  She's familiar with color mixing, but she liked seeing it on a color wheel and making her own.

Language Arts
Drama and Exercise - Act out the Words
We did the activity of acting out the words one day.  (We've done this in the past with her phonics program, so it's a familiar activity.)

The Fox and the Sour Grapes
We read the Fable and discussed "sour grapes" to compare to the event in the story.  (I googled and printed an image with the story on it - but there are a variety of options to choose from.)

Eleanor relaxing with Tux (our "man cat" as they affectionally call him) when he sneaked in the house one day.

The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown
Cats by Seymour Simon
If You Were Me and Lived in Italy by Carole P. Roman

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