Saturday, April 27, 2019

Literature Fair: D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths

Our co-op director announced there would be a Literature Fair, and I knew at least one of my kids would be interested.

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Emory chose D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths, as that is his current interest.  He knew he wanted to represent the origins and the setting through the Nine Worlds and the tree.  He knew he wanted it to be 3D.  I showed him an idea with a trifold board, but it wasn't quite what he had in mind.  Trifold boards seem to be the default for literature fairs, but I didn't require it because it wasn't required for our co-op.  Our director shared links to a variety of project types-lapbooks, dioramas, etc and said the projects could be as simple or elaborate as desired.  Emory ended up being somewhere in between.

He and his dad shaved down a cone-shaped piece of styrofoam to be thinner and more tree-shaped, and they put tree branches in it, and covered it in clay.  Then he painted wooden discs to represent each world. We used thin gold wire to attach a few of the disks to the tree, hot glue for just one, and some of them we just laid flat.  The roots were just a thin twine that was in a box of craft supplies.

Since he wasn't doing a traditional project with plot/theme/character analysis, I did ask him to narrate something about the project or why he chose it.  He ended up talking about the creation of the tree and the norse gods, and we typed that up -- that is what is in the little "card" in the box.  (I feel this is more CM than dissecting the book, and it worked out for a book that is more short-story in nature anyway.)

Overall, he had fun and was proud of his project.  Here he is picking it up after a day at co-op and gym class!

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