Thursday, May 9, 2019

Literature Fair & FIAR: The Giraffe that Walked to Paris

When I asked the older kids if they wanted to do participate in the co-op literature fair, a certain little Kindergartner chimed in that she wanted to participate!  So when we started planning for the Literature Fair, I knew I wanted to do a Five in a Row book.

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The Giraffe that Walked to Paris is a great book, but it is a long picture book, and not exactly fun to read five days in a row.  I decided that made it perfect for this project.  One or two readings would get us enough information for a small project.

I wanted something simple and attainable for a Kindergartner, and also something she could manage on her own for the fair.  I know trifold boards are the default, but I was relieved when our co-op director shared links for ideas that included lapbooks, small posters, cereal box reports, dioramas and other ideas.

We settled on a simple file folder.  Basically, she did a cute giraffe craft, painted outlines of Egypt and France, colored their flags, and gave me a "retelling" of the story. The retelling was, I think, more CM friendly than the dissection of "characters" and "plot" and such, especially at her age..  We also included a map of the giraffe's journey.  It was simple, but totally appropriate and fun for her age.

She also informally covered several of the topics found in the FIAR manual, even though we didn't "row" in the traditional sense.  She covered social studies through geography, science was giraffes (she watched a video on the Disney junior app about giraffes), and math was a by-the-way discussion about giraffe heights.  She also did this cute Crayola Giraffe Craft, and we printed the cover of this free lapbook for the cover of her folder.

Simple and "plain jane" but that's how we roll around here!

She's looking a little rough here, after gym class, but we were picking up her project at the end of the day.

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