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Five in a Row: Little Nino's Pizzeria

This is such a fun little book to row if you love pizza!  My kids love pizza - and one kid will eat any recipe with the word pizza in it, so "pizza" meals are a regular on our menu.

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Little Nino's Pizzeria, at first glance, appears to be a simple book about a pizzeria. However, if you look past the simple text, the themes about family and "wanting more" are important concepts to discuss with all ages, and as always - there are so many academic topics wrapped up in a children's book! 

Language Arts
I did our own thing for Language Arts with this book.  I printed two different pages for the girls.  One straight coloring page for Eloise, and P is for Pizza for Eleanor.

"A Pizza the Size of the Sun" by Jack Prelutzky
The webpage for the printable was unavailable this time (I used it with the boys) but we listened to his performance.

Social Studies
Relationships - Father & Son 
We talked about why we love Daddy, and some of the fun things we do with Daddy - some of her favorite memories!

  • Get Ice Cream
  • Huggies (big hugs)
  • Play Outside
  • Great Wolf Lodge

Character - Servant Heart
We talked about being helpful, and ways we can be helpful to other people!

Measurements & Fractions
The lessons in the book discussed counting and measurements of weight, which happen naturally during the cooking lessons.  However, I can't figure out why there wasn't an additional lesson on Fractions, given that pizza lends itself so well to introducing or reviewing fractions!  We didn't do much with it formally, but we played a Pizza Fraction Game.

Arts & Crafts
While I'm not a huge fan of crafty-crafts, Eleanor is, so I oblige from time to time.  We made a "paper plate pizza" except I didn't use paper plates, just card stock.  This way it would still fit in her notebook.

She also loves to draw, so I found a fun drawing video - How to Draw a Funny Pizza from Art for Kids Hub!

 She did two of these - at her request - one for her notebook and one for her room!

Then this was just a pizza she drew in her notebook.

Henry Matisse
There were several art lessons in the book, but I decided to focus on Henri Matisse with Kidzaw Master Kits The Red Studio.  I had actually bought this when it was on sale (because we loved Van Gogh's The Starry Night when we reviewed it) and it tied in to this lesson well . . . although we didn't love the finished product nearly as much as The Starry Night.

Food and Food Groups; Cooking
We talked about food groups!  I found this Food Groups Sorting Activity, and we discussed all the food groups. Discussing yeast is a great option when you're making pizza crust too, but husband does that with them anyway.

We order pizza regularly, and make personal pizzas occasionally anyway, but that week we also had Pizza Sandwiches--a grilled cheese style sandwich but with mozzarella and pepperoni inside. For Taco Tuesday we had Taco Pizzas, which was just naan bread with our favorite pizza toppings.  We also had pizza lunchables for a treat that week.

More Fun . . . 

Both girls played pizzeria that week.  We have had this Melissa and Doug Pizza Party set for a few years now, and just like our other M&D sets, it is a favorite! It's also great for discussing fractions, but of course they just like to have us order our favorite toppings and to serve us.

Reading Rainbow!! Amazon Prime, Season 4 Episode 5 features pizza and specifically, Little Nino's Pizzeria!

While watching the episode, the book What Happens to a Hamburger was featured, and when I said "Oh we have that..." she of course wanted to read it.

It was a great, casual row, but as always, so many topics explored!

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