Monday, June 24, 2019

My First 5K to a Healthier Lifestyle

Growing up, particularly in my teen years, I wasn't athletic.  I did what was required in Physical Education, and I participated in the active games at camp.  I swam because we had a pool.  I just didn't play sports or hike for fun. I can't say that I wasn't good at anything, because I never cared to find out. I was the girl with a book, after all.

So when my husband asked me if I wanted to take a 5K training class with him, I may have laughed.  Or scoffed.  Or otherwise responded incredulously.  His sister started running a few years ago, and she was leading her first class. It would be a 9 week class to lead up to running a 5K, and she recruited him easily.  He wasn't particularly athletic as a kid either--he did a couple years on and off of marching band--but he's been active on and off the last few years at the gym, so he already had a head start over me.  I decided to at least do the class.  I would have several weeks to decide if I wanted to register for the race, but for the time being, it would be one evening a week for us to try something new together.

Long story short, we both signed up for the race and loved it!

Video by an experienced runner in our class who finished ahead of us.

Our goal was to cross the finish line.  We just wanted to do something we promised ourselves we could do and had worked hard for.  I estimated it would take me 45 minutes, based on my last few runs on the farm.  Training on the farm driveway (slight hills) is more difficult than running in a mostly flat neighborhood, so my pace was actually better than I anticipated.  As we rounded the corner and could see the finish line and the timer, he said "Let's get it under 40:00" but we crossed at 40:06 and 40:07.  (We might have made it had we not slowed at the water station.)  When we saw the final results though, our chip time was just under - mine was 39:46:00 and my pace was 12:55 which was better than any training sessions!

While it might not be anything to write home about, I was happy with the results for my first time doing anything remotely athletic.  Neither of us "placed" in our age division, but our overall place was better than many that did place - so I didn't let that discourage me!  I know that if he is consistent with training, he could wipe the floor with me, but we're both looking forward to more running!

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