Monday, June 17, 2019

Washington, D.C.

Whenever we get the chance, we try to travel with my husband when he travels for work.  Depending on the nature of his trip, we can spend a night or two in an area that allows for family fun and exploration, as was the case when he was visiting a location just outside of Washington D.C.  We spent some time in Charles Town, West Virginia and then took a little "side trip" to Washington, D.C for a few hours after his meeting.  The whole thing was short notice for him, so quite spontaneous for us!  Since it wasn't planned, we basically just walked around and enjoyed the monuments.  We didn't do any tours or museums, but we definitely have plans to return and do more! 

We started out with a quick, unhealthy lunch of hot dogs and potato chips! 

Then we just started walking, looking at monuments, statutes and buildings on our way to the White House. Kids insisted we start there!

We'd already been walking awhile, and it was warm, so we were a hot mess.  Eloise and Emory said the White House was their favorite stop.

I believe Elliott was most excited about viewing The Washington Monument.  That was the first thing he asked to see when we found out we were going.

It was breathtaking to walk out of the Lincoln Memorial and see the Washington Monument from that vantage point.

Eloise asked Daddy to take her picture . . . she was dancing and posing and had people laughing.  She actually did a little dance through the park while listening to some jazz music, and had people laughing then too.  It's amazing sometimes, to watch a 4 year old without a care in the world!

Then she wanted to take a picture! We thought she meant of the monument, but no, "everyone get together now!" I think she did well.

We visited the Vietnam Memorial.  My father-in-law is a veteran and while he doesn't talk much about the war, he did talk a little about the wall with us when we returned, and mentioned some names he'd have had us look for, had he known.

Part of the Korean War Veteran's Memorial.

 We came into the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial from behind the "mountain of despair" but this is another magnificent monument.

On the way out of DC we all listened to to his "I Have A Dream" speech. (We originally got our copy several years ago at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, but you can find it online in print or audio with a quick search.)

They wanted to sit for a minute and rest, and Eleanor wanted their picture taken.  Eloise insisted I join, but I'm not sure what the face was all about.

Then it became clear. She later told me she just wanted to be the star of the pictures! I don't doubt she was telling the truth!

There was a lot more we looked at of course, and the boys got a kick out of seeing the Secret Service up close (more frequently around the White House of course) and we had ice cream and just enjoyed people watching. We walked just under 8 miles in the few hours we were there. It was a lot for the girls, because we aren't really long distance walkers or a family of hikers or anything . . . but everyone came out unscathed! We headed back to the hotel for pizza and a swim and everyone crashed that night!  We can't wait to go back, but next time we'll go with at least a loose itinerary!

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