Friday, July 26, 2019

Sneak Peak at Homeschool Reviews to Come

I took a little time off from doing reviews on the blog, but I'm stepping back into them, and we have a great lineup as we look forward to the new school year!  This might not be the exact order that I'll be sharing the reviews, but here's a sneak-peak at the reviews I have coming up over the next couple of months.

Home School in the Woods Timeline Figures
If you're looking for an excellent resource for timelines, you'll want to read this review!  Home School in the Woods has a wealth of resources for history.

Library and Educational Services
This review is for anyone who loves books and buying wholesale!  This is just a snippet of the materials I received from them recently!

This is an online K-12 math curriculum.  I gave a general review a couple of years ago (CTCMath review), and we have continued to use it since then!  For this review, I'll be expanding on some of the newer features - including assigning Tasks and the new Question Bank Wizard!

Britfield & the Lost Crown (audiobook)
I don't have this one in hand yet, but I've read the first two chapters and could have easily read more right then, so I think this is going to be a fun audiobook for our upcoming road trip!  There is a study guide that I'll be discussing in the review as well.

Zeezok - Music Appreciation: Book 2 Collection
This is an extensive music appreciation course that utilizes living biographies and a comprehensive workbook.  It meets national standards for music for 5th-8th grades, but I think the course itself is flexible for a wider age range.

Easy Grammar Plus
This is a middle school grammar course that I will be using with my 7th grader when it arrives.  I was already eyeing this program for this year, so I was excited to see it offered for review.  Hopefully it is a good fit for my middle schooler!

Reading Eggs - 200 Essential Math Skills for 1st Grade
We've already reviewed the Kindergarten Math workbook, so we'll slide right into the 1st grade book when it arrives.  I'll be looking at how the workbook transitions from K to 1st grade material, and of course, the content and scope and sequence covered!  Plus, we always love the Reading Eggs website as well!

You can also check out my full page of reviews that I've done over the last several years, which I have loosely categorized by subject.  If you ever have any questions about reviews or products we've used over the years, feel free to ask!

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