Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Peek into our Homeschool: Summer 2019

I know every homeschool schedule is different.  Some families follow the local school district calendar, while some school year round, and some follow a Sabbath schedule.  We tend to loosely follow a mid-August to end of May plan, with our "summer break" in June and July.  It doesn't always work out to a neat and tidy schedule, but the older kids are now aware of when the local school kids are on breaks, and it does help to have a lighter schedule in the summer months for VBS, camps, late summer nights and family trips!  We do continue academics, just on a lighter scale - it helps keep a routine and helps keep us moving forward.

The kids had Bible School in June.  The theme was In The Wild and it was full of great Bible lessons, music, crafts, food, prizes, games, friends and fun!  Several saved!  What a blessing!  I was the K/1 leader, so I have more individual pictures of Eleanor but all of the kids had a great time as always!

We also had tent revival the next week, which was hosted by three area churches who took turns leading the service, then preaching was done by a preacher that does a lot of local revivals and camps.  Most of my family (husband and all four kids, actually) ended up passing around some 24 hour bug, so we only made it the first through nights, but those were great!


In July, both boys went to camp.  As part of the youth group, Elliott went to church camp.  Our church, along with a couple area churches went to a nearby camp/retreat for a week of praise and worship!  The same preacher from tent revival did the teen camp, so I know it was good!  Of course they had games and swimming and all that fun stuff that goes along with camp.  They have friendly competitions throughout the week (through team and individual games, Bible Bowl and the like) and Elliott was on the winning team this year.  I wasn't sent any pictures that didn't have other kids in it, so nothing to post, but he had a great time and I'm so happy he was able to attend!

Emory went to the local career/vocational school for a day camp the same week.  He was in the 5th/6th grade group.  They were given several class choices to rank, and he ended up with Robotics, and his first choice-Crime Scene Investigation.  In Robotics they built robots to destroy things, built LEGO towers as teams, learned about coding, and I'm not sure what else!

In CSI they were taught by a former police offer.  They learned about crime scenes, finger printing, footprints and the like.  He brought home several pages of fingerprints one day, and the cast of his shoe another.

On the last day, they "trained" like one would to be come a police offer--exercises and lifting a dummy and such, and Emory came in 3rd place!  He did make it a point to tell me they weren't tasered though!  It was close to my husband's work, so Husband picked him up all week and brought him back to work for a couple of hours, which was a treat.

While the boys were at camp, the girls and I just stayed around the house and cleaned, played outside, did some fun school-ish activities, and I enjoyed a QUIET house.

The rest of July we mostly just did cookouts and visited family.

Emory was the ring bearer in his cousin's wedding!

The day of the wedding, the girls went to play at my aunt's house, so they were entertained by her teenage granddaughter and had a blast!  They're trying on their great-grandma's cat eye sunglasses here!

As I mentioned, academics are slow and light during the summer.  They have continued with some CTC Math lessons and wrapped up a couple of history readings.  We have played familiar hymns and folk songs in the background, and we've started working in new review items.

We haven't acquired any new animals like last summer, but we have a trip planned in August, and I'll be sure to share more on that later!

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