Thursday, August 29, 2019

Field Trip: Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere, and a major attraction in Atlanta.

We visited once a couple of years ago (Georgia Aquarium Field Trip) and because we were traveling over Emory's birthday this year, we let him choose a fun activity for the family.  He chose the aquarium - the boy loves his animals!

It worked out too, because the boys wanted to visit the World of Coca-Cola as well, so we did that first, then walked right next door to the aquarium!  (We also visited some Stranger Things filming locations for a full day of activities, but I honestly think that was more for husband!)

Eloise wanted a picture with the penguin, but wasn't willing to help me out here.

It was almost like going through TSA to get into this aquarium, but I get it.  It's a popular attraction in a large city.  It was REALLY busy the day we went too.  The last time we went, it was in September, and I don't remember it feeling busy or crowded.  This time we went in mid-August, and I don't know if that made a difference since some school districts perhaps aren't in session and there were probably more travelers as well, but I felt a little overwhelmed - it was perhaps too busy for me to enjoy it!

Once we were in, Eloise took our map and we just walked through the exhibits and tried to enjoy ourselves!  I'm no photographer, and I really tried to enjoy myself with the kids - so not a lot of great pictures, and what's here is probably not in order now, but we had fun!

We love floor-to-ceiling exhibits, so the kids can really have time to enjoy and get a good view of everything.

The kids love interactive exhibits!  I really appreciate that they have exhibits that are very kid-friendly!

I couldn't help but remind Emory of the time we went to an aquarium when he was about 5 years old, and when I read to them about the jellyfish, he asked so sincerely and innocently "If they don't have hearts, how do they love people?"

Eloise has now decided she's going to be a scuba diver to feed fish!

The aquarium was one of her favorite activities on the whole trip to Georgia!

It's just amazing how much you can take in at one time . . .

Everyone liked seeing the Beluga whales, but it was so hard to get a good picture!

Sea Dragons were a hit with the girls.  The kids always like these things!  

Eloise was so excited to see Puffins!  She's watched a little Puffin Rock, and she declared this one a baby!

The penguins are always a hit too!  This exhibit has one of those tunnels you can crawl through and "pop up" inside the exhibit, but at least half of my kids aren't tall enough, and it was particularly backed up that day.

Crazy smiles!

The dolphins were a big hit as well, but again, it's hard to get good pictures.

So cute . . . but so fast!  

The kids all loved the aquarium, and had a good time, despite how busy it was that day.  It's a pricey venue, most definitely the most expensive aquarium we've been to and unfortunately they don't offer a standing homeschool discount like some aquariums we've visited.  Next time, I'll choose our visit day/time more carefully...If I'm going to put down that kind of money, I want to be able to enjoy the shows, go through the exhibits at a leisurely pace, and I want to know my kids can enjoy an exhibit without being trampled by rude adults.  The website says they're opening a new shark exhibit next year, so I'm guessing we'll wait until after that opens before we think about going again though, because I know Emory will be excited about that!

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