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Field Trip: World of Coca-Cola

When we travel to Georgia, we try to do at least one new field trip/attraction for the kids.  This year, we actually traveled over my husband's work trip, but we were able to squeeze in a few fun outings!  Elliott was really interested in going to visit the World of Coca-Cola.

I'm from Georgia, where everything is a Coke!  Now my family laughs when I call it a pop!  The World of Coke was one of those field trips I remember taking as a kid, and I know Husband and I visited the old location.  The kids had never been, and the boys were definitely intrigued with the idea of tasting pop from around the world!

When you first walk into the Lobby, you can pick up a map in probably a dozen different languages, and you're  encouraged to take a complimentary coke product from the counter.  The guy behind the counter asked where we were from, and when I told him, he was asking specific questions about the city -- turns out he was from our state!

The boys had researched New Coke a little after seeing it on Stranger Things, so Emory was sure to grab one as his complimentary can!

Once the double doors open, you enter into a room called The Loft and you're given a brief talk about Coca-Cola and advertising and the memorabilia/artifacts throughout the room.

While you're waiting for the next set of doors to open, you're encourage to walk around and take photos and enjoy the memorabilia from around the world.

Getting four kids to look at and smile for the camera all at once is a near impossible task.  I'm not sure who the girls were looking at - possibly my niece!

Next, we were taken into the Theater where we basically watched a long commercial (about 5-6 minutes) for Coke - no photos/videos allowed, but there might have been some tears from me!  It was people celebrating moments and achievements in their life.

After that, we were free to move about, and we took the self-guided tour.

First the boys wanted to go into The Vault of the Secret Formula.  This exhibit was all about the secret formula, competitors, and copycat recipes and such.  This was a somewhat interactive exhibit with hands-on stuff.

Here the kids were "mixing" formulas to try to get the perfect Coke formula.

This is the Vault where the secret receipt is held.  I'm pretty sure Eleanor didn't believe it!

When we came out, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear was taking pictures, and the girls really wanted to get their picture taken.  You can see my oldest humored us, but wasn't into pretended to be a bear!

The kids were eager to get upstairs, and we actually missed two of the exhibits downstairs!!  We missed Milestones of Refreshment and Bottle Works.  Two exhibits the husband and I would have liked, of course!  That's how it goes when the kids have the map, I guess!

Upstairs we did puzzles . . .

And we took pictures with artwork, because the girls loved the "pretty" ones!

Eloise insisted her big sister come take a picture with her at this one!

And Dad made the boys take a couple of pictures too!

Taste It! was definitely a favorite area.  They had it set up by continent/region, and you could taste popular flavors from each area.  Emory and Elliott loved trying different flavors.  Eloise tried one or two, but only liked the lemonade. (Honestly, I'm not even sure what she was referring to . . . )

My niece was a huge help this day too!  The girls loved hanging out with her and I was thankful to have another set of responsible hands around!

The girls don't even drink soda though, so Eloise mostly just chose flavors for me to try.  I could only taste so many before I couldn't handle it anymore, but the boys could have stayed here forever!

Eleanor refused to taste anything, and was finally relieved when Elliott found water for her!

Selfies with Daddy!

The Pop Culture Gallery was kind of neat - you could write letters/emails to Coke, look at art made from coke cans and tabs, there was a huge framed display of the Santas through the years, and the red couch from American Idol!  (I didn't realize it was from the actual set until later so no picture . . .)

You could also search for Coke signs in these postcards!  Emory and Eleanor liked this!

There are a few other areas, including a 4-D theater that I don't have pictures of, but it's a big place with a lot to do!

As always, you have to exit through the gift shop.  We like to pick up magnets, but Eloise insisted on taking a picture with her new mannequin friend!

If you like soda (even if only on occasion) and pop culture, this is a fun place to visit.  It's something I would consider doing every couple of years if the younger kids got older and wanted to visit.

We also took a quiet nature walk, visited the Georgia Aquarium, and visited some of the filming locations for Stranger Things during the week we were in Georgia, and I'll share more on those later!

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