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7th Grade Curriculum

My 7th grader has a schedule that is somewhat a work in progress - and honestly, I did contemplate changing his core curriculum, but in the end, I decided we should hang in there and I'm really glad we did!  So far things are going much smoother this year!

These are the plans we've been working on so far this year, but things are always subject to change.

Ambleside Online

We are using Ambleside Online Year 6 almost completely as written for the core subjects.  I'll note where we're making changes, but for the complete book list, please to refer to their website.

Bible - AO does have a Bible reading schedule for "school" and families are expected to do their own readings/devotions as well; we are not following their reading schedule but I'll share more on that later
History - This year we'll finish Modern History from WWI to present day, then complete two terms of Ancient History.  We'r using this as written.
Geography - World Travels, Africa are the covered topics.
Science - Chemistry, Oceanography, Intelligent Design, Scientist Biographies
Nature Study - I'm not specifically following their nature study rotation, but I am getting better at incorporating it into our schedule
Literature - Shakespeare, Poetry, Mythology, Novels, etc.
Shakespeare - We're starting with Macbeth, even though it's a Term 2 selection, just because we read the retelling last year and I already have a great full text graphic novel of this play.

Note:  There are a few books not pictured because he's using Kindle/app versions, or because they're used in terms 2/3 and I just haven't bought them yet.  One book pictured is not scheduled (Along Came Galileo) but I found the Kindle version of the scheduled book is much more affordable than the outrageously priced OOP physical copy, so I'll grab that.

Fine Arts

Folk Songs - We are following the Ambleside Online folk songs
Hymns - I am choosing my own hymns as we go, so I'll try to remember to share as I do term updates
Drawing - Creating a Masterpiece (review coming soon)
Art History/Appreciation - HIGASFY (review coming soon)
Picture Study - Van Gogh, Someone and Someone (I'll choose 2 of the 3 AO artists for this year.)
Composer Study - We started with Chopin (Zeezok review) but I'll share more on that later

Foreign Language

We started out with Flip Flop Spanish, and I do like it.  It's just a lot of "stuff" to deal with, with the CD--I have the older version--and the cards.  

However, we just received a review for the streaming portion of Excelerate Spanish, so we'll see how that goes!


CTC Math Pre-Algebra
This is our main curriculum.  I do have other resources in mind, should we need them, but this is working well for us right now. {Most recent CTC Review.}

Language Arts

For now, we're focusing on grammar and written narrations.

Easy Grammar Plus from Easy Grammar Systems
I received this for review, and it's fairly straightforward and simple, and that's what we need this year.

Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Teens by Ellie Roberts
I chose this book for copywork because it has excellent quotes, and the format of the book mimics how we might do studied dictation--I know it's not a suitable replacement for studied dictation, but I needed something simple this year and


Youth Group - He attends youth group, and participates in various activities with them.

Co-Op - Our homeschool c-op has three classes for 7th/8th graders this year.  Two are static and the third class they were given a choice.

Appalachian History/Literature - Not sure what all this entails, but it sounds fun!
Science - They're studying Botany, and they're using curriculum and doing hands-on work with growing seeds, etc.
P.E. - His choice; the other option for this period was Biblical Worldview, but he just took The Big Truth last year and this year's class is more textbook/curriculum oriented; I figured he needed a lighter class and I really like him having PE anyway

I'll be sharing the curriculum choices of the other kids soon!

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