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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks

Brain Blox is a family-owned company that believes children should be free to play, free to explore, and free to express themselves!  They strive to empower families to be more conscious and intentional with one another, so they offer games, toys and journals to help families engage in meaningful play!  When we were given the opportunity to review the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks, I knew it would be something all of my kids could enjoy.

We received the 200 piece set of natural wooden building planks.  They are sturdy, precision-cut pine, non-toxic and chemical free.  Brain Blocks suggests that the blocks help children learn math, physics and engineering, as well as develop problem solving, logic and reasoning skills.  As they only require balance and friction, children may also improve dexterity and spatial awareness.

They come neatly packaged with a full color booklet with building ideas, a red canvas drawstring bag for storage, and free online resources.  The storage bag is great, because in this house, once the Building Planks come out of the box, they don't go back in quickly and neatly for a four year old.

Truthfully though . . . there is nothing more suited to the imagination and whims of a child than a pile of possibility!

There is a great little booklet of building ideas to get you started.  It has about 15 different pictures, and tells you how many planks you'll need for the design.  It doesn't give you step-by-step instructions though, which might frustrate some little ones, but is great for problem solving!  The pictures all have an extra idea or challenge though.  For instance, the Table & Benches challenges you to build an entire room of furniture or a playground with a picnic table.

My older kids (10 and 12) prefer to just build complicated and tall towers, while my younger girls (4 and 6) liked to go through the booklet for ideas.  We spent time building furniture and bridges for dolls, playing with letters, talking about shapes and patterns, and building fun designs inspired by the pictures in the booklet, like flowers and simple robots.

We did find that harder surfaces were easier to build on than carpet/rugs, which is pretty standard with any building toys.  We've enjoyed playing and experimenting with the blocks, and I find these to be a great independent toy, as well as great for guided learning.  In addition to the booklet of building ideas, you can find a wealth of resources online!  You can find free build ideas in video ebook and printable card formats.  The Brain Puzzles are a quick way to add some fun, hands-on logic/critical thinking puzzles into your day.

Overall, I am very happy with these Wooden Planks.  They are great as a family toy, homeschool use, or in classrooms.  The open-ended use means they are ideal for all ages and skill levels.

You can find out more about Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks online and by reading crew reviews, and be sure to read my review of Fun Family Chess to see more of what the company offers!

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